Christmas isn't Christmas without.... Christmas music

From the first of November (yes, you read that right!) my car becomes a centre of everything kitsch if only musically; that's the day I get out my Christmas CD collection and begin to hum along to the old and new favourites I have found. I wrote about my favourite Christmas music as part of Blogmas last year, and the records I listed there are still very much on my playlist.
But this year was a classic year for albums. Kylie had a new album out!! Kylie Christmas [CD+DVD] Now usually Pop Princesses don't get much listening to in my car, but I LOVE this album; it is kitsch, old fashioned, modern pop, pure Kylie, duets with the weirdest people and all wrapped up with a picture of a lady old enough to be me (she's 5 days younger, I think) but a LOT smaller! I love the opening song, 'It's the most wonderful time of the Year', and the song written by Chris Martin, 'Every Day's Like Christmas', but I really love her duet of 'Only You' with James Corden.

I've pretty much had her on a loop with Kim Wilde whose Wilde Winter Songbook (Deluxe) has a lovely selection of old and new. Her duet partners aren't perhaps as classy as Kylie's, but being able to call on her family to sing 'White Winter Hymnal' a capello is a nice  touch!


  1. I like Christmas music too & the movies. It really gets you in the festive spirit x

  2. I don't like to hear Christmas music until we get in to December, the first of November is way too early for me. Mick used to pick me up on Christmas Eve when I worked and I used to love having Christmas music blaring out in the car on the way home.

  3. Nothing wrong with starting Christmas music early!! It just gets you right in the season doesn't it. I usually start in the car well before December, but my radio/cd player has been uppity lately so I have missed out! I am playing them indoors now though! xx

  4. I'm not sure I can cope with a Christmas Kylie, but the Kim Wilde sounds interesting, I will investigate that.
    Lisa x


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