Wednesday Wind Up

Yes, it's a day late, but it's here at least.

What am I reading this week?
The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. We're reading it at bookclub in September and I decided to try and read it far enough in advance. I've really enjoyed it, although I recognise there are parts that are very long that other people haven't enjoyed. But I read Dickens for fun, so no probs there.
And some Brocante Home books. I enjoy reading Alison's writing (except for the apostrophes! They're everywhere!) and she makes me feel like homemaking can be enjoyabe because it is an act of love for me and the house. I'm going to get a system set up for September so that I can keep on top of the housework. I've been reading The Vintage Housekeepers Circle and really enjoying it. It's a set of posts that were published on Brocante Home but only available to the Vintage Housekeeper's Circle members. The posts cover about a year, and include seasonal advice on Autumn, Christmas and Summer. More inspiration to get my house beautiful, welcoming and scented!

What have I watched this week?
My children are home. I feel I need to put this out there as a sort of explanation. I have watched Die Hard: Legacy Collection (Films 1-5) [DVD] [1988] Die Hard and Die Harder. For my son's birthday. And other days have passed in a blur of Sarah's choice of teenage favourites and children's movies. There was a day when every time I walked in they were watching a different Disney movie. Apparently Netflix was working overtime.
TV wise, we are catching up on Black Work starring Sheridan Smith. We missed it when it was on, but it's on our TiVo drive so we're clearing some space before hols.

Where have I been this week?
GamEscape in Liverpool. You need to see their website (and I still owe you a full review!) but it was fun.
Aldi. A girl's gotta shop, hasn't she?

How has my spending gone this week?
I was doing well until Aldi had a digital radio for about £34. Since a full-blown Roberts RD60 Revival DAB/FM RDS Digital Radio with Up to 120 Hours Battery Life - Red  costs about £159 (dream radio; in red or baby blue!)  I fell for it. It's in my kitchen and proving exceedingly enjoyable. Especially since the last Ashes match has started and there's very little that so sums up British summer time as TMS and baking.

What are my WIPs this week?
For the Princess; I will post about her later, but this is just a quick peak!

And I have an order of wool coming from Black Sheep Wools; I have a plan to make an autumnal blanket. You can see more of them on my Pinterest board for Autumn and Fall.

Any Other Business?
I have a craft project that I'm doing; I took some photos but apparently they are stuck on my camera! It's a project for Sarah and I to make before the Big Festival that happens in December. (I cannot speak its name) Our families will be getting a homemade something again this year and we must start making them soon to be ready! I will take some more shots and post them again.....


  1. Sounds like you've been very busy! I absolutely fell in love with The Goldfinch....and it has been with me ever since I finished it (around six months ago now): I think of the characters often, still. [I also read Dickens for fun! His books *are* fun!]

    1. A friend of mine told me that the middle bit was long and a bit too detailed; I'm up to 90% and still waiting for the boring bit.

  2. I was in two minds about 'The Goldfinch', loving the beginning but then losing interest later. Perhaps it's one that has to be read in a holiday as it's quite hefty - too long I think for my taste.

    1. You should talk to my friend! She said the same!

  3. I like the look of your WIP, she has such a sweet looking face.
    I do like Alison's writing, but she could really get someone to proof read it before she presses send, although I do realise I know I'm no grammar expert!
    I love the radio, wish I had known about that I may well have popped along to purchase one and would have enjoyed the cricket on it too. Go England, what a series.
    Lisa x

    1. It's the apostrophes that do me! I'd love to proof read her stuff, just to eliminate the excessive apostrophes!

  4. I like the Princess too.... I hope that you'll post about again soon. Jx

    1. Will post again, as soon as I can! The crochet mojo has invaded me x

  5. Hi, just discovered your blog and thought I'd say hello. I get the feeling we are quite local to each other (I am in St Helens). I've loved reading about your family and what you get up to and will be visiting again x

    1. Lovely to meet you! My Mum and Dad live in Rainhill, so St Helens is a local experience I'm familiar with! I'm going to read your blogs over the next week, and it will be brilliant to have another blogging friend nearby!

  6. Thanks for popping by and I'm pleased you like the new roof on our koi pond, can't take the credit all hubbies work 😉

  7. Love the crochet doll, looking forward to seeing what you're doing with her xx


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