Meal Planning Monday... and a strange keyboard!

A quick and easy set of meals this week; it's holidays, I only want to faff with cooking if I can be bothered to, so meals in the summertime are either tremendously easy or unutterably complicated! We had a lovely meal last night of char sui pork, using a recipe from Gok Wan's Chinese cook book, Gok Cooks Chinese .

Monday; Schnitzel and noodles. Aldi do breaded pork schnitzel, and we'll have them with a past in tomato sauce.
Tuesday; James' birthday. I've asked him what he wants and had no answer so far; it may be Sainsbury's pizzas or Domino's best two for Tuesday.
Wednesday; Hoisin Chicken and potato. The chicken recipe is again from Gok Cooks Chinese and uses the other half of the hoisin sauce we used on Sunday.
Thursday; Pork belly with chorizo and baby potato roast.
Friday; I don't know. I may just go and see what tickles my fancy at Aldi.
Saturday; Fajitas with minced beef and plenty of salad.
Sunday; Sichuan Chicken. Can you tell I found a new cookbook and I'm working my way through it?

Next week I'm hoping to get ahead for September and plan the month again. I'll get my recipe box and a couple of new recipe books and get a rough plan. It's always reassuring to start a new school term knowing roughly what we're going to eat every day. And it will be time for the return of the slow cooker and casseroles, so I know that Delia Smith's Winter Collection will make a welcome reappearance. I'm hoping to link up with At Home with Mrs M for Meal Planning Monday, but it's holidays and that may not happen!

On a completely unrelated note, I faffed about with my computer. I ordered some decals from Etsy and this is what my keyboard looks like now;

The decal sets are sold for Mac computers, hence some keys are uncovered, but I really like the idea of a pattern on the keys as well as on the screen. Personalising my tech is a fun thing to do, and the only issue with these is that you have to be really good at knowing where the letter keys are, since it's harder to read the actual letters now! I know that would be a deal breaker for some people, but in these days of fast touch-typing, actually having the letter obscured is helping me to speed up, since I can no longer look at the letters and have to grow more aware of where they are!
Have a good week, people, and enjoy the sun!


  1. It is just past 4 pm and I still don't know what to cook tonight... might just go to Ikea for meatballs. I recently watched Gok on a re-run cooking program and really liked his style. Going to check out your link. x

    1. We had his Char Sui Pork last night and it was brilliant; thumbs up from all mine!

  2. Sounds like a great week of meals!! Happy Birthday to your son! I plan meals a month in advance too, it is good to know what you have coming up I find. Love your keyboard decals. I touch type and don't look at the keys at all, I am looking out of the window as I write this, so it would work for me, but I press so hard that I would worry about wearing them through! Love yours though!!! xx

  3. Now the keyboard prettifying is definitely a Brocante kind of thing.
    Lisa x


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