The End of the Holidays. Shame.

Mind you, the holiday ended with a good day, because we got to visit a shrine, a bookshop and a library. The Princess was a bit blasted by it, but my bookophilic son and husband soaked it all up.

In order, then;

North Gower Street;
It's where they film the new Sherlock. Look! That's Speedy's Cafe!

221b Baker Street

For Son number 1; he rounded off his perfect holiday with Sherlock Holmes as well. We visited the Sherlock Holmes Museum. You buy tickets, you queue, you go in to a small 4 story building where there are rooms decorated in the style of Holmes and Watson.

 Pipes, slippers, gunshots in the wall, it's all here, with a load of dodgy figures that look like C&A had a closing down sale next door and they picked up the mannequins.

Moriarty looking shifty, the Hound looking distinctly flea bitten and in the middle of it all a very happy looking teenager complete with deerstalker and smile. He enjoyed the shop afterwards, spending his hard saved cash on a magnifying glass, pipe and game.

Marylebone High Street
My Nan's niece used to live on Marylebone High Street so when I figured out I could plan a route that included a walk along it I jumped at the chance. And I did want to visit a place recommended by Paddington in his Guide to London, Daunt Books. Here they organise books (both fiction and non-fiction) by country. I happily perused the scandi-section and picked up a couple of books to read during the rest of the day.

On to the Wallace Collection.

After a week in London your feet hurt and your head spins at the thought of another museum or exhibition so our Friday excursion needed to be small, free and capable of keeping most of us happy. The Wallace Collection is very small, mercifully free and definitely had enough to fill an hour after lunch. Number 2 (my Top Gun) and I spent our time in the armour rooms, looking at enough knives, muskets, suits, halberds and accoutrements to please any blood thirsty person. No photos inside, my head was spinning, and then a decision to move on to the next place.

St Pancreas Station.

I wanted to see the frontage of this station, which was designed by the grandfather of the man who designed Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral. It was beautiful as well. And there are some interesting statues inside;

 the one I loved best was John Betjemen, looking up at the great glass ceiling and thinking, yes, positively the statue was thinking, about the architecture and grandeur of life. I wanted to invite him to afternoon tea, a pot of Earl Grey and a small slice of toast possibly, while I asked him what life is like for him now.

The British Library.
And our final destination in London. I am embarrassed to say that by now my legs were aching so much I just couldn't walk any further, so the Treasures of the British Library exhibition will have to wait for a return visit. Husband and Eldest were happy to walk through, though, so I know it's worth going back for. I sat and read while I smiled and watched my two beautiful children sitting in the British Library, home to a copy of every book published in print in the UK, reading. Antiquity meets the future with a bang.

And that was London; plenty to see and do, plenty left to do on the return visit. We will go back, it's such a good place for a family holiday. We need to fly again, (I like legitimately being able to scream) to walk along the South Bank, to visit the National Gallery, the Abbey, to see the Geffrye. And to shop and eat and enjoy a faster pace of life than usual.


  1. Oh,'re making me so homesick....these are all my old student stomping grounds! Gower Street, St. Pancras, the British library.....I've had a lovely time reminiscing as I look through your post! Thank you! I literally 'LOL' at the photo of your son and Moriarty! (No words needed, I think!)......I love that bookshop, too.....oh my, I'm *so* pleased you had a lovely time! London is AMAZING isn't it?! I feel so lucky to have been a student there. Honestly. [The John Betjeman sculpture is one of my favourite ones!]

  2. I NEED to go to NG St and have my photo taken! You packed so much into your time in London. That bookshop is stunning.
    Lisa x

  3. Wow, you have done masses and masses and masses! No wonder your feet where aching. It sounds from all of your posts - which I have read even though I didn't comment as we were away - as though you had an amazing and great time. What a wonderful way to explore London!! So glad for you that it was good! xx

  4. You really did pack so much into your holiday in London. I feel inspired to visit and I live here. No where near the centre of course. I'll be interested to see where you head next. Would love to see museums where you live.

  5. North Gower Street! That's where my first secondary school is. How funny seeing it again. Glad you enjoyed the British Library - it's such a special place. Judy.

  6. Your holibobs look fantastic. I love the look of Daunt books - i must start a list of things to visit if I ever go back to London - Daunt books will be number 2 on my list (after Liberty's).


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