This may be my favourite holiday home ever.

It belongs to a relative, who lends it to us almost every year. I think we miss the odd year when we are too busy or the place is booked out by her children and other relatives. It's in Nefyn, a small village on the Llyn penninsula.

 This is the view from the upstairs living room. The far mountain is called Eiffl.

 The whole holiday screamed out for excessive use of the panorama feature on my camera. The large upstairs window just shows sea and scenery whatever time of day you look.

 And sunsets that lit up the sky. This was golden, but in different weather you get grey, red or deep purple. A ripple blanket in the making; I think I found next years project; my sunset stripe blanket. I'm putting it into print now so officially I have had the concept and made it public! Purple, lilac, orange, blue, dusky blue, grey, yellow and ... oh, well, whatever colours I like. To start in January when the golden blaze of a summer sunset will cheer me up.

 The rabbits live in the garden and hop beneath the kitchen window. Rabbits were a popular feature this year.

 Nefyn beach. Other years we walked down, but this year we drove because of my bad knee. This counted as a good weather day on the beach this year.

The other side of the penninsula has Criccieth, a lovely seaside town with a very pebbly beach and one of Edward I's many castles. We have visited the castle before, but not this year.

 See the sunshine in their eyes? I faced them this way on purpose just to point it out!

 Another panorama, of Criccieth this time. From mountains to Castle in one easy manoeuvre!

 And the highlight of Criccieth is Cadwalladers. Best ice cream in North Wales. Ever. Seriously, that's an ice cream shop with a queue outside. their coffee and walnut was to die for (literally, if you have a nut allergy)

 Just another beach shot. I loved the railings and the shadows with the empty beach behind.

We visited several places, but they actually probably deserve another post. So please return for Plas Newydd

and the Rabbit Farm at Llan... Llan... Llan..... oh blow it. The place where Lloyd George came from.


  1. How I'd love a relative with a holiday home like this, and that little bunny that the Princess is holding, how cute is he? I'm looking forward to hearing more.

    1. I know I'm really fortunate! And the bunnies were absolutely fabulous... so cute! x

  2. What a wonderful place to stay, how great that you get to use this house, that really is kind isn't it. I look forward to your sunset stripe blanket, just the name sounds so delicious!! xx

  3. Wow, what a beautiful house! Imagine looking out at those breathtaking views everyday. I don't think I'd get anything done, I'd just be staring out the window all day long. x


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