Surprises by post....

When I got home from a busy day at school last week, I found this waiting on the doorstep.

It took me by surprise. I hadn't ordered anything; definitely nothing from America where the label came from. Then I read the customs declaration;

Tea, chocolate, notecards, notebook.

The tea swap!  Inspired by a post on my happiness blog, Happy Angel, Lucy in the Sky  suggested a tea swap! I haven't got moving on my parcels yet.... there is no time limit, so I don't feel guilty. But somebody obviously has got organised!

 I love the look of the cinnamon tea! I really love Chai tea so I'm hoping this is something similar... guess I'll find out!
 Chocolate with sea salt is my guilty pleasure, two squares a day eaten slowly with a warm tea. A little decadence every day.
 Mmm! Lip salve from Burt's Bees. Love it.

And stickers, notecard and a lovely green notebook. How pretty and how useful!
Thank you very much to Jan of Softies Place. She sent me loads of cracking stuff! I will savour every bit with pleasure!


  1. What great swap goodies. I don't drink tea very often at all, and I'm not keen on anything other than just plain tea, but the rest of the parcel is just my cup of tea.

  2. What a wonderful selection of goodies. Stationary is always very well received isn't it?!
    Never tried that flavour of chocolate, but I was sent some lavender flavour one once and it was delish.
    Hope the teas are as nice as they sound.
    Lisa x

  3. I am glad you received your package! I am even more happy to hear that you liked it. I am certainly glad you inspired this swap I had a lot of fun shopping for it. :)
    Take care,


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