Can you see a difference?

I have had an afternoon in the attic; it was so dirty up there I had to keep washing my hands. Eugh.
But well worth it. I got so much cleared out and began to see how my space will work when I get my table, my armchair, my resources.
I couldn't believe how much stuff I had up there that was really just junk! And how many boxes of books does one woman need? Seriously! I could open up a second hand book shop..... but I'm setting up a craft attic instead.
Here are my photos.
 The attic as it was at noon today. Just a big jumble, all boxes and no sense to it.
 I mean, seriously.... How many boxes does one family need?
 You can see the bags of material I have; loads and loads. This is only what's in the attic. There's more in the guest bedroom, the family room and (ahem) on top of my wardrobe. I never know what I've got so I always buy more instead of using my stash. That will change.
 The three boxes under the skylight have sat here for eleven years. Since we moved in. I know, if we haven't needed them by now, we don't need them at all. But they are (I think) the boxes from Mr Angel Jem's childhood. I can't be the one who chucks them! (except at him with a snarled 'rationalise these, will you!!!!')

 There is now a system at work here. This is the keeper pile. Material, objets d'art for the attic.... and a lamp for reading by.
 This is the Ebay pile. I need to photograph, describe and list all of these over a few months on Ebay.There is a cot bed, shelves, clothes, clothes and more clothes, a travel cot, books and toys all to go through and get rid of. Any funds raised are going towards my heater. I've been looking already.... any suggestions?
 This is my last corner to attack.I think most of the bags on the left have wool. The large boxes are (did you guess?) books. What I like is the space; look at that floor. I can see it!! Just last week when I started thinking about this as a possibility I could never have known that there was a floor in the attic, let alone see it!

 This is the view from the end of the attic; this is where my dresser will stand in the end but where the junk piles up at the moment.
 This is the view as you enter the attic, you're looking up from the stairs here and across to the ebay corner.
 And this is my space. I moved the table up all by myself. Really. See the space to make and create, the room to gather friends and work together and the light shining (ok, treacling) in. I think at this time of year this is really the lightest room in the house. The trees overhang so I will have to see how the light goes in the summer, but I could always just trim a little branch to make it better.
The bin is full (again) the paper recycling is full (again) and the week ahead means I probably won't get a chance to get back in again. Added to that the need to get stuff out of the house and in to my attic to do the house decorating that is my real purpose behind this exercise, and it will be  a few weeks before I move any further on my attic craft space quest. *sigh*
But I will be decorating inside so I'll have plenty to show you!


  1. Wow, you've achieved a lot in a short space of time! I am impressed. :o)

  2. Absolutely, I can see a big difference! Bravo to you it is soming along wonderfully. :)

  3. A huge difference in such a short space of time, well done you!
    I like the table, all set up for sitting at for tea and cake I reckon!
    Lisa x

  4. Tea and cake is a definite I think, Lisa! I have a kettle on my to get list. Thank you all for your kind comments!

  5. What a difference. It's going to be so lovely to have your own special space.

    1. I have my plans hatching already..... I need to make bunting, paint shelves, get storage boxes. But for the next few weeks my careful space will be filled with stuff from the small bedroom :(

  6. That is super exciting! Zxx

  7. I know the hardest thing with decluttering is actually getting started, simply because it’s hard to decide where to start from all the mess. All the same, the attic is much, much better now! And I guess you have lot to thank your skylight for. The light coming from it prevents molds from growing on your things. So, even if you leave them longer, you can keep them in good condition. Check for leaks as well. :) -->Joann


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