Eleven years ago today....

The presents sit waiting....
I woke at 3am with contractions 3 min away.

I have to draw the birthday cards, it's a family tradition.
I told my husband who told me to wake him when they were closer.

Opening a Sylvanian Family present, of course
I rang my Mum at 4am to say 'Happy Birthday Mum! And, by the way, could you come and look after the boys. The baby's coming NOW!'
I'm conscious that the years of cute presents won't last forever.

I got to the hospital at 5am and told the midwife the baby would arrive by 6am.

She chose the dotty paper.
My princess arrived a fashionable 10 minutes late.

Happy 11th!

I have never had a moment's peace since, and I love it.
Happy Birthday Princess!


  1. Happy Birthday indeed- love Sylvanian families too- always wanted them when I was a kid. Maybe its not too late to ask?! Here's to lots more happy Birthdays!(& plenty more cake!) x

    1. Get some! I have to admit that I love staging the dolls house. It's like the best combination of Sylvania, Wind in the Willows and Brambley Hedge!

  2. Happy birthday! :o)

    I was in a big toy shop the other day with my 30 year old daughter and both of us oohed and aahed at the Sylvanian Families!

    1. I love them. We decided they are a definite keeper even if everything else from her room got sold off!


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