When I needed a footstool...

Under the red is a shade of deep green... imagine the clash.

I only had a very knackered old bean bag and a floor cushion with a leak in green. Green. In my living room? No way. I covered it with a red throw, secured temporarily with safety pins and 5 years later still looked at the pins, wondering if I could pass them off as a post-ironic homage to punk. No, it was sheer laziness and the thought of handsewing the seams.
The Johnny Rotten approach

The cushions did not impress, did not inspire usage and had to be hidden away when company came, negating any possible use as additional seating.
Enough! my brain screamed (my brain got quite loud and assertive this year) and I set to work.
This is the inside. Green again.

1 metre of furnishing fabric (this was from Dunhelm Mill at approx £25 per metre)
1 metre of interlining fabric. (this was from my mother; costs nothing)
Stuffing (this was from the cushion and beanbag combined; again a free item)
The beans went in OK... that red material is reversible

With lots of thread at around £5 for more than I eventually used even allowing for double and triple seam sewing, the whole thing cost me just over £30 and took an afternoon (after a few weeks resisting the brain's orders to Nike the job ie just do it!)
You see the green here? Not nice.
Thank God for S who is happy to help.

I simply cut the 150cm width into 6 equalish pieces, and sewed up a cube. I sewed the inner first, then the outer, put one inside the other with only 1/2 a seam left open and stuffed through magazines curled up to make tubes. Stuffing was the only part I had help with. The lads disappear at any sound except the call to food and S was at choir. But she helped and laughed and after a (little) handsewing, the project was complete.

Look at the mess the stuffing made... took ages to clean up!
But you can see the neat difference between two sides of the
same material.. as good as 2 materials really.
And it is comfortable. Very.


  1. It's fabulous, much better than the green. Nice to have a helper too.

  2. What a great job you did, it looks fab. Good of S to give a helping hand too.
    Lisa x


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