Making dividers as unique as what I am.

Madness on the roof of the palace? Amazing! I love the idea that the Queen brought her own ear plugs. I don't blame her.

Anyway, enough flim flam. Today's post; how I made individualised dividers for my A5 Filofax.
I made this one using the keep-calm-o-matic generator.

I love using pictures as dividers and if anyone has ever had a Filofax, the plain dividers are just too.... plain. I agree that if I was a business man or woman I would probably prefer to show the world a clean, cream, crisp divider when I opened my Filofax, but I am a mother of three, crafting and teaching my way through life. Plain doesn't stay plain even if I preferred it, so I needed to get to work.
I am unutterably lazy, so even if I could be bothered measuring, cutting and covering card with stamps, decoupage, painting etc I don't think it's worth it when I know that I will want to change them again, so I took the cowards way out. It took me a couple of hours on the computer and a few borrowed images from blogs I admire. Ultimately the plan would be to use all my own images, but for the moment I am loving other people's talent.
Optimist Prime by ~avid. Cool sentiment. I am an Optimist Prime!

I decided first which sections I needed; I try to use the GTD system of working so that dictated my sections to an extent. I have

  • Calendar (self explanatory); I use a Filofax column week per two pages. I like the appointment times and the small space for notes top and bottom. Divider comes from here.
  • Next Actions; I keep my GTD to do lists here; a list of my projects, my to do lists sorted by where I need to be to get then done, a shopping list of things I have to buy, some spare paper and a monthly print out of June showing deadlines for applications. I should be filling in an application now, but I just need a break so that's why I can post. I need to credit Rabbits Whispers for having this as a divider first and inspiring me to go see it.....Go see the Optimist Prime at deviant art
  • Future; This is the space for all my wishlists, recommended books, a list of what is on my Kindle to read, websites that I want to look up sometime, movies to look out for and anything that is not Now but sometime in the future.
  • Home; I keep my menu planning here. I do write  a menu every week and fill in a shopping list for my dearest darling Hubby who shops with the daughter on a Sunday to do. I also write notes, to do or reminders of things connected to the house here. I have another A5 file that is the house file, where most info is kept so this section is really just for the stuff I need at hand straight away. I use Posy's feet and fireplace her as well as at my front. I have a feet n fireplace shot somewhere, but the slippers aren't as cute. Go figure.
  • Christmas; I have a Christmas organiser currently undergoing a facelift so this section again is just for the stuff I need to carry with me; present lists, shopping from October onwards and a cleaning schedule that I always intend to follow but run out of time for.
  • Holidays; I keep lists of days out with their contact details here as well as packing lists and food shopping lists updated and printed out for each holiday. I also have a list of things I am expecting to do on my hols and useful info like maps, details of shops, museums etc that I print out and keep to hand.
  • Reference; This is more lists; things to do in 5 minutes, simple indulgences to cheer me up, housework schedules, quotations, a simple midday prayer service to do alone or in company; basically info that needs no action but may be necessary.
My favourite house picture ever; this is from Posy and subtitled Bliss... or Heaven . Both names work.

I found pictures that I like; most of them are lifted from other blogs and sum up in one image what I like about home/Christmas/ holidays. I will change them as soon as I find pictures in my collection that speak to me. I used Microsoft photo viewer and printed off 2 per A4 page. Once trimmed, they were the right size to be laminated in A5 pouches, have holes cut in using a single hole punch that I carry with me in my pencil case and have labels stuck on.
The labels are punched from scrapbooking paper, one pale and one red hearts, using a 2.5 cm circle. I glued them on back to back with the pale paper uppermost and wrote on them using simple pen. I love that they give a different feel to the Filofax seen from the back.

Attic 24's Christmas fireplace. Crochet jealousy on a hook.

I am happy carrying the A5 size round, although in mad moments I dream of a mini filofax that can hold my life and still fit in a small bag. But until Doctor Who makes Filofaxes I shall have to dream on.


  1. ^_^ Great to see Optimus' joy is spreading!!

  2. I do like the sound of the last section, things to do in 5 mins and little treats. Care to share?
    Will be reading your Christmas list post too.
    Lisa x

  3. Love it. I really like the keep-calm-esque tab, and who doesn't love Optimus Prime, I mean come on....right?? I too, am intrigued by your things to do in 5 minutes and your little indugences. Post please?


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