Decorating.... Is it worth it?

We hadn't decorated our living room for 10 years.
I know winter sun washes out colour, but, really....
10 years. Not since we moved in, when I was seven months pregnant and we had to pay a decorator to do it because my mother threatened to kill me if I lifted my arms above my head at any time during the whole nine months.
Books! And more books!

 It has been slowly fading all that time, collecting the dust, grubbing up with the fingermarks of three children and a parent who paints and bakes.
Christmas decorations... look at that pale yellow...

And last Christmas I had had enough. I sat and looked around and thought the time had come.
Fortunately I am not (never will be again) preggers so a decorator wasn't necessary this time.
I got to work.
This is after painting... there is an absence of handprints here

Painting, check.
The display cabinet moved into the living room.

Furniture moving, check.
The cat isn't real. I love him, though.
Cushions... this is the only time they were ever allowed to line up neatly. DH 'doesn't do cushions'

Accessories, check.

And Jubilee bunting. Check.
From Sainsburys. I'm leaving it up until September, after the Olympics.

Yes, I know. Can you see a difference? It is cleaner but the colour is almost identical. I had dreams of teal. Duck egg blue. A deep shade of green. But my DH doesn't do change.

It's a good job I love him.


  1. Yes, I can see a difference, but I'd have had to change colour just so it looked totally different if I were going to the trouble of decorating. It does look nice though, and especially festive with the bunting up. We don't decorate often either, I hate the upheaval of it all, so it only gets done when absolutely necessary. We've just decorated Eleanor's bedroom, it had to be done as Mick had been boarding out the loft and bits of plaster from Eleanor's ceiling had dropped off where he'd been hammering, ooops.It's still not properly finished though as I need to find some new curtains. We've also just done the hall, stairs and landing. That had to be done as it had been bare plaster on the walls for so long that I was sick of seeing it. I have to tell you that after reading your blog posts, you've awakened my love of Filofax. I don't have a 'real' one. I've got a Microfile one and a WHSmith one, but after looking on the Filofax sites you linked, I just might put a genuine one on my Christmas list. See what you've started!

  2. Looking good. Love the cushions!
    Lisa x


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