Chester is THE place for a girlie shopping expedition

My Princess has a cousin only 5 weeks younger than her. It's good, it stops her being the eternal baby of the family and means that, whatever happens, she will always have a bezzie mate. It helps that her mother is my old best friend who married my brother!
The bag is Primark... Keep Calm and Carry On Shopping!

We visited Chester a couple of weekends ago, just to shop, and buy some stickers, browse for bags (for them, not me) and to have lunch and then tea in comfy tea rooms with tablecloths and pretty crockery. It helps that they both drink tea. Afternoon tea with Coke just isn't the same.

Lunch was at the cafe in Chesters visitor centre near to the ampitheatre. Lovely red dotty oilcloth and a good choice of paninis, baguettes or wraps. Unfortunately the photos I took are on my phone... posted to facebook, not the blog.

Afternoon tea at Mad Hatters, on the top Rows of Bridge Street. Look at the slate cake stand! It cost a little extra to have the cakes the girls wanted, but they enjoyed it. Shame we couldn't have the outside tables. Next time, perhaps.


  1. Sounds like a really enjoyable day. Those cupcakes look delicious. I like the Keep Calm bag.
    Lisa x

  2. Those cakes look delicious. What a treat for the girls to be taken shopping and out for lunch and tea.


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