I climb on board the Magic Roundabout….

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and I got given some cash. What to buy? What to spend it on?
I had been finding my Malden in personal size just a little too narrow for my writing style. I know A5 pads are big enough to write on and I know an A5 Domino works as a Filofax (I have a red one as my application notebook to find a full time teaching job) so I decided to invest in a quality leather A5.
Ideally I would have had a crimson Malden, since I really love the colour and feel of the leather, the lining and the pocket arrangement, but all the Maldens I could see at a price I could afford were either grey or vintage pink which is just too…pink.

Back to Philofaxy (how I love that site!) and its related contributors. Which Filofax was available at the right price and in the right colour…. A little birdy posted about Chameleons at half price, I clicked onto Filofax.co.uk and…..

Red. They had the most beautiful bright scarlet red leather A5 at half price. Half price! Scroll, click, wait for the postie’s trip and here she is…..

I can’t name her yet, I’m torn between Jezebel, Scarlett and Bette Davis. She is classic, beautiful and so in your face it is wonderful. She dominates my bag and contains my life. I couldn’t move over until late last week due to interviews but as soon as I could I transferred my life.

I always have to write and rewrite everything in personal and A5 size. Changing sizes is not an easy thing. Fortunately my Domino had masqueraded as my life Filo for a couple of weeks until my Malden arrived so the diary just moved over. Everything else is either printed again or written out afresh. And I knew I wanted unique dividers, but for those you will have to tune in tomorrow….


  1. A very eye catching shade of red, I think she should be called Bette. I can just see her lifting her eyebrow in disdain!
    Good luck with the interviews.
    Lisa x

  2. I agree - go with Bette. Scarlett is too obvious and Jezebel doesn't seem to fit as well (in my opinion). Bette Davis provides a certain feel, one that's very unique!

  3. Another vote for Bette from me :o) Looking forward to seeing the dividers :o)

  4. Yep another vote for Bette :) x

  5. What a beauty! Another vote for Bette from me :)

  6. Definitely a gorgeous shade of red.
    I'm on board with Bette too!

  7. She is BEAUTIFUL....and I vote for Bette Davis...stylish...refined...and so in your face!


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