The Countdown Continues....

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  1. Ooh I'm getting excited already!!! You did make me laugh with what you said about Keira-I can't stand her!! I find her pout really irritating!!

  2. I'm already planning xmas decorations - it's silly really, but I just love the run up to christmas. I love shops glittering with lights at 4pm, when it's icy-cold and dark. Heaven.

  3. Now that the weather is turning cooler where I am and the new academic term has started I really do feel it's getting closer to Christmas and I am sooo excited!!

    Hope your cold is getting better!

  4. I really enjoyed catching up on your blog.I hope you are feeling better,I think that the wavy blanket is gorgeous and you could give Cath Kidston a run for her money easily.
    I did read on one blog that the CK crochet blanket was of poor quality by CK standards and badly made too !!!!!
    I always eat gingerbreadmen in twos,so sad to die alone !!!
    The book stats are amazing I read lots of books and have since I was four so I must have read well over their estimate of 500 or so.
    As for Christmas,I started shopping months ago,I just love it.
    Best Wishes Kat xxx

  5. I am looking forward to it !
    And so many beautiful posts on blogs around Xmas !

  6. Sorry but that is just plain scary - I'd better be getting busy then!

  7. So - I am more than a bit slow - this really is an actual countdown to Christmas. Thanks so much. I have 'plans' to have a crafty stall at the school Christmas fair,open an Etsy shop, make a fabric rheindeer advent calendar, make as many of my presents as poss, make a Christmas cake and some decorations. No sleep 'til January then - cheers luv xxxxxxx

  8. Oh I love this Christmas countdown, but it is a little worrying when I think of all the stock that I need to make in the next couple of weeks!

    Marie x

  9. Yes, yes & yes!
    Just about sums up my feelings towards this, most cosy, of subjects.

    Cherry x

  10. I love Christmas but I do get a little stressed which is not good!
    I love reading all the other blogs at this time of the year as they are so inspiring.

    I so admire all of you that make so many of your gifts as well as have Christmas fairs etc.



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