On the tenth day of Christmas...

My true love gave to me a visit to see St Nick.

We went to Park Hall Farm Park which is in Shropshire and had a fine time. They offer parents mince pies and mulled wine, have a little snow-themed waiting room amd a very happy fellow inside.
We went last year and really loved it, so hence this year we went again. And the best bit is, you don't have to book! (as we used to book for The Santa Specials at a nearby railway each year and ended up with at least one sickie for 4 out of the six years, not booking but still having a good time is an important feature for us)

The rest of the farm park is fun, too. There are mini 4x4 cars to drive, animals to look at and even times to hold the small animals. As a sign up on the wall read 'Rabbits for Christmas, £20' I suppose I should be glad we got out without an extra passenger this year (although as I said to DH, it doesn't say whether they're to keep or eat....)


  1. i love your santa photos! our santas in the states don't look quite like that... =) debbie


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