On the sixth day of Christmas..

My true love gave to me a dated decoration.

Since 1999 I have bought/ made a decoration and dated it. The first year I only had one child and just put the date on. By the following year the fever struck, I had two children and therefore needed to name and date the decorations and when you do it for two, you may as well do it for more... so I began to name and date decorations for all my nieces and nephews (only 7) as well.

I enjoy the idea that in twenty or so years time there will be at least 60 decorations on my tree that record the passage of time.

Mind you, in 20 years time they will probably all have vanished along with the 'children' to grace some other tree (possibly real fir) and be added to by grandchildren and great nieces and nephews. Woo, I feel like the ghost of Christmas Future, and I never did suit black and foggy.


  1. That is a really lovely idea. I tend to buy a new decoration every year but have never thought to put the date on them!


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