Did I tell you we had guinea pigs? Can I introduce them?

We are a Grandmother.

Yes, there's my age showing through. Does anybody else remember Margaret Thatcher (curse her or bless her as you like) coming out with that statement? Good grief, but she was skitted for that.

Anyway, what I mean to say is I am the proud guinea pig Grandma to a herd of oh my God Guinea Pigs.
How many did we have last time? Two? Three? Well, let me introduce the herd.


This is Lorelai. She is named after the Mum from the Gilmore Girls. She's big (over 1kg) a little bossy and also very, very hairy. She's also the only one of the original guinea pigs from last March left. (RIP Teddy and Olga)


Sherlock. She's David's guinea pig, and he named her. Sherlock can disappear into holes you would swear aren't there. I think she creates black holes and disappears into them. She is very cute, and it's so lovely to see a massive bearded 19 year old go as soft as jelly when he holds her. We really could have called her Steve McQueen or Cooler King because she tries to escape every time she gets a chance.


Charlie is next. Named for the internet hit with the two boys just so that Sarah can say at least once "Ouch, Charlie bit me." She is lovely, with a beautiful pink nose that's so traditionally guinea pig! And she doesn't bite.



Next is my only guinea pig, as in the only one I actually own. The rest I'm just a guardian of. Loki is named for Loki the God of Mischief, and she really tries to live up to her name.  She can raise hell in anywhere!



This is Hel. Hel is named for Loki's daughter (Sarah named her) and she was the biggest of our new guinea pigs for a while until one day we turned around and....

Hel and..... her babies??? How did that happen?

She'd had these two. Danny and Harley. They're just two weeks old now, but so cute. I can't believe how fast they're growing. So fast, in fact, that from next Thursday Danny will have to be separated from the others for a few months. Yes, that's right. Danny is a stick, as the Vet called him. We're hoping to keep them all, so it will be the chop for Danny in about 5 month's time. He's named after Danaerys from Game of Thrones.


Harley is named for Harley Quinn out of Batman, named by Sarah who is turning into a real nerd.


And there you have it. Seven guinea pigs in total. Yes, we have to keep changing the cages often, there's a lot of poops going on in our house, and we are never without a pile of lettuce. But they are lovely, and they still make me giggle when they play around in the middle of the floor.


  1. Awww, they're so cute, especially those babies. I'm so sorry but I had to laugh, I know Peter wasn't keen on having pets and now he's ended up with SEVEN piggies, he'd have been better off getting a dog.

    1. Probably! There was a moment last week when he told me he'd had enough. As it is, we sit watching TV every night with the chuntering sound that Guinea pigs make and a living room that slightly ... well, has a slight odour of stock. But we love them.

  2. Guinea pigs are adorable. We got two of them when my son was young. We started out with what we were told was two females. That turned out not to be the case and soon we had two babies, then two more and that's when I took the male to the vet for a quick snip.

    1. Our male will be off as soon as possible. There's a risk, but the risk of babies is bigger. Did you keep all six?

  3. Aw, very cute, should I be saying congratulations xx

    1. Possibly. Or commiserations. I love them all, though, so I'll take the congratulations!

  4. Well, well hasn't the family grown in number! They look so sweet. I'd never get anything done and just spend ages cuddling them!
    Lisa x


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