Current Market Value: Priceless time with a fast-growing daughter.

I had a whole afternoon in Manchester with my beautiful daughter. The Christmas Markets are on,  and Sarah's never been. We had a good time, not least because there was a goodly amount of stopping for refreshment. Sarah's happy as long as there's a bookshop on the itinerary, and I was warmed by gluhwein and a pint of Kronenberg. How tired were we? Sarah slept on the way home, just after saying she'd had a brilliant day, and could we go again next year!

My new friend....

Yes, I have what it takes!!! My final Chase from the beginning of the year is in the new book!!!

Prize fund was actually £60,000 between 3. I have had such a good year after being on TV and radio.
Being named in a book is the icing on the cake!
I had a mint tea and a portuguese custard tart as my afternoon treat.

The French macarons caught our eyes... and several came home with us!

I did promise I wouldn't post a picture.... but I expect I forgot.
Hi Sarah! You are too beautiful and look too happy here to not be put on the blog! 


  1. We had an afternoon at a Christmas market too yesterday. Fame at last, I think you've covered all bases this year.

  2. Sounds a wonderful way to spend a day, your daughter is beautiful xx
    (Ooh, and my box has arrived from you, thank you)

    1. Excellent! When are we supposed to start opening them? From the 12th or the 26th?

    2. The 25th (The twelve days run from the 25th to the 5th of January)

  3. I know exactly were you are coming from with "daughters growing too rapidly", I am aware mine will probably leave home next autumn - eeekk! Glad you had a great day and how exciting to be in a book too! My eldest son travelled north on Saturday and spent the day with friends at the Manchester Christmas market - he said it was good. Wishing you a good week!
    Caz xx

    1. Thank you for the wishes! Sarah is the only one of my children who actually says she wants to leave home.... she's 14 now, so that's only another 4 years of a Mini Me to make the most of!

  4. How marvellous that you are in the book too, what a year of fame!
    lovely photo of Sarah, she really is growing up into a pretty young lady.
    Lisa x

  5. Jo, you are my claim to fame in more ways than one. First I 'know' somebody who's been on TV. You are therefore now famous and said famous person leaves comments on my blog. And to top it off famous person and myself have both bought macaroons from the same Christmas market stall. xx


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