Tuesday election fever has struck...

Oh, if only I could sit and watch the coverage of the US election all night long. I have a friend who lectures on American Studies and she has the perfect excuse to sign off work tomorrow and sit up through the night. It's professional interest.

My interest is far more personal and a lot less extrinsic. I just think the US election is such a big thing for the world... after all, the USA is the Top Dog of the Western world at the moment, biggest in size, in self-belief, in bombast... and I like the place!

Who ever gets to be POTUS and leader of the Free World is inheriting a world full of woe and sorrow. From what I've seen, if they jump one way we get a leader who will roll up the sleeves, look forward and get to work to build a world that benefits the US but also helps her allies to climb up the ladder as well.

Jump the other way and.... well, the Mexico Wall may not be the only barrier built between America and the world, just the most physical one. It would be, as Mr Angel Jem said to me, like having a Philip Roth novel come to life. We live in interesting times. I used to think that was good, but the older I get, the more I see why the Chinese use that as a curse.

And this time round, there is no hope.


  1. Well, the votes have been cast, let's see what happens now!

  2. I have to say I'm glad the constant coverage is over, though I was interested to hear the result xx

  3. Not the best result ever.
    Lisa x


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