Oh, Tesco, why do you have to do that?

This is my desktop at work.... no, not the one on the computer, although it could quite well have been, but my real desktop at work. The teapot and cup are from the charity shop, and are marked Royal Spencers, so I don't know where you'd get one. The tea is Spiced Orange from Hoogly Tea and is gorgeous, beautiful light and delicately spiced orange flavoured herbal infusion. I'll link to it, I promise I will.

I want you to look beyond, to look behind. Can you see the golden box flickering in the sunlight? See the delicate wisps of tissue sticking out? How I wish we had smelly vision. I would offer it to you to rest your delicate nasal passages along and hear to say, "Mulled wine scented tissues? Who on Earth thought up those? And who would buy them?"

That second question is, alas, redundant. I would. And they do mulled wine scented toilet paper with pretty gold Christmas pattern on as well. I'm going back after payday. Indeed.

My payday treat this month will be smelly toilet roll. I have no shame.

On a different (but slightly related, in that I am crackers) note; I was interviewed on the BBC West Midlands Breakfast Show on Tuesday morning. About Hygge. If you're quick, you can listen to me on this link.  And pop over to How to Hygge The British Way to read my daily (almost) musings on hygge.


  1. Hmmm, I think you've had more than your fifteen minutes of fame now what with The Chase and the BBC Breakfast Show. Mulled wine scented tissues, okay, I can go with that but toilet paper? Really? Ha ha, you do make me chuckle.

  2. Ooh I love your lists with their little tick boxes. My tissues all smell of menthol at the moment, not sure I'd like the mulled wine, it'd make me want to drink some xx

  3. Not sure about the toilet roll but I definitely want a box of those tissues. Love the cup and saucer and the teapot. xx

  4. Oh my! I can go with the tissues for the nose, but not so sure about the other kind!! Hee hee!

  5. The tissues sound great. Even the box is so pretty. Looking for my nearest Tesco now. X


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