Wednesday Wind Up; A Good Week for David.

A slightly different wind up today; the big event of my life this week has revolved around this, my handsome and funny eldest son.

On Tuesday he celebrated his 18th birthday. I'm pleased to say he decided to celebrate by wearing his deerstalker to school, then to Anchor Boys where he was happy to be sung to and cake-laden.
And a family meal out.

This is my Mum with him. She wanted to get him cuff-links, or a watch, but which young man nowadays wears cuff-links or watches when they have t shirts and phones? So I said was there any thing else.

She thought for a while and then offered him her fountain pen set, a 1950's gold plated Parker pen. What else would you give an aspiring writer but a really good pen to sign the multi-million pound book deal?

Which reminds me, I must check my lottery ticket tonight. It was a roll-over, so I treated myself to a lucky dip.

 The Gang. David, Peter, Sarah and James. My four best loved people in the entire world. Possibly the only people I would willingly share Crispy Duck in Pancakes with.

 The extra person is Michael. He's the boys eldest male cousin and their hero since they were born.

 And tonight the Master Baker has been at work, with a bundt tin and a jar of chocolate frosting. She sent her father out for extra Skittles and Smarties. Well worth it, though. The cake has not lasted past one night.

 Happy Birthday, Handsome. You don't half look like your Grandad. (and by all accounts am beginning to be a lot more like him in behaviour; he's getting cheeky!)

So, no real round up. I'm reading Return of The Native now (just downloaded it) and still working on a blue blanket. Soon I'll be able to take photos in the evening.  Still watching Game of Thrones, and doing very little else if I can help it. And, for a little light relief, this is the list of reasons for admission to a mental asylum in mid-19th Century USA. My friend posted it for me on Facebook. Wonder which criterion she thinks I'd count under?


  1. Happy 18th Birthday to your son. What a wonderful gift your mum gave him, something so personal to treasure.
    Lovely looking cake made by the clever Sarah, not surprised it didn't last long.
    The list is hilarious and sad, there seems to be a fixation with masturbation!
    Lisa x

  2. Oh wow, that cake is incredible! She is a real artisan! Wow! Happy birthday to your handsome son-he has a DEERSTALKER! He is one cool teenager!!x

  3. Happy 18th Birthday to your son, wow that cake is something else isn't it. Love the list I've read through but couldn't see the word Gin mentioned xx

  4. The list is really amusing - shooting of a daughter, but not a son?!
    What a wonderful birthday celebration - and your mother's gifty was just right (write?!)- a fountain pen is perfect, especially one with family history.

  5. Happy birthday and congratulations to David on his 18th, I hope he had a lovely day. It quite takes you back when you realise your son has come of age, doesn't it? It's Daniel's 21st next week, I can't believe how time flies. Your mum's gift is absolutely perfect, something which will definitely be treasured. Wow! What a great cake, Sarah should go in to business, she'd make a fortune. Ha ha, I'm glad you clarified which reason you'd be admitted to an asylum for, some of those are quite embarrassing, are you sure novel reading is the one she meant?

  6. Happy Birthday to your son!! Great cake and what a wonderful gift from your Mum, that really is so very kind isn't it! Something he will treasure forever and then perhaps pass on himself one day! xx

  7. Happy Birthday to your Eldest. What a fabulous gift. Best idea ever. x

  8. happy 18th. what a great cake and the fountain pen sounds like the perfect gift x

  9. Happy birthday David. What a fab cake, does Sarah take orders?? xx

  10. Happy 18th to David. He's looking very swish in his deerstalker if I might say so. What a lovely present to be given and very apt by the sounds of it. We have an aspiring writer here in Amy as well. The birthday cake looks great, I love homemade cake. xx

  11. Belated "happy 18th birthday" to David, time flies by doesn't it and before you know it your children are adults! Lovely photos of your family Jo and what a super gift from your mum. I'm a huge fan of Thomas Hardy, I hope you are enjoying the book.
    Best wishes
    Caz xx

  12. Happy birthday to David - what a milestone! I think a fountain pen is a perfect present. If you would get admitted to a mental asylum for novel reading then so would I - we would have great fun! X

  13. Hi, I just happened upon your blog as I was looking up Pennybridge Filofaxes, having just bought one. Your post on that is ancient old so I thought I'd comment here. Quite a few of your interests are also mine and I've enjoyed reading about your Filofaxes. I'm toying with the idea of owning a Malden but they are so expensive - maybe one day soon. Happy Birthday to your son and enjoy your day.

  14. Hello lovely! Can you tell me which is your main blog url please! I keep getting confused when I come to your profile and there are about 10 blogs! I presume this one because you've posted more recently on it, but I'd love to know! Thanks for all your comments!x


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