A Day of Grace

I am not allowed into school today because my last blast of.... well, I won't say.... was on Saturday and we are under strict orders at school to let 48 hours pass before returning. Yet, apart from a slight muscle ache and tiredness I feel fine.
So today is a day of grace, a day when I am home (never alone now, of course) with no illness tying me to chair or bed and no responsibility. I could spend the time cleaning, or visiting my Mum, or catching up on a thousand thousand homey responsibilities. I could offer to sort out business affairs for Peter, or find out details about the new office, the carpets, the blinds......

But I am not going to do that. I'm taking a mental health day. I am going to drink chai, to watch something (possibly Outlander on Amazon TV) and to do no more than gentle sifting and sorting. I may bake biscotti this afternoon as a treat, or pootle quietly around the kitchen to make a stew. But this morning I am sorting out my many boxes of magazine pictures; I have them dating back to 2008 it appears, so perhaps this, my day of grace, would be an ideal opportunity to sieve and select the picture sthat still speak to me. It's about every one in ten from when I ripped them out. Mostly living rooms and kitchens, and I can see that my tastes have tightened up in the 8 years the pictures have sat, unloved and unnecessary in my file boxes. I will cull and cut and trim  this morning and then, early this afternoon, I will stick them into my A4 books. As long as I have a gluestick, of course.


  1. Glad you're feeling better. Take this opportunity to rest up and do things you enjoy but never get chance to do.

  2. That sounds like a very good way to spend your day - definitely nothing too strenuous. Glad you're feeling better xx

  3. Good luck with finding a glue stick in your house. Gluesticks are very good at hiding, or pretending that they are dried out.... Glad you are feeling better, enjoy your mental health day. x

  4. Glad to hear you're feeling better. An official sick day, how nice. These rules and regulations come in handy at times don't they :) I think you've done the right thing taking it easy and focusing on what you want to do. Days like that are very precious. Setting up a new office sounds very exciting. Are you still planning on going to work with Peter? xx

  5. Hope you are feeling much better and enjoying your bonus day! xx

  6. So much nicer to have a 48 hr grace period, so no one else gets ill and you feel healthy enough to potter. x

  7. Hope you are feeling fine by now. Sleep is the best thing in these circumstances and it
    was good you had the chance to have a good long one.
    I like Posy's blanket, I can see why you's be itching to start on a new project after seeing that.
    Magazines can take up so much space can't they. When I used to buy CL I eventually got round to cutting out mu favourite rooms and put them all in a scrapbook which is lovely to dip into and you feel such a sense of release when those mags go in the recycling!
    Lisa x

  8. I think a day like this is very good when you have been ill as it sort of cements the getting well and you might not be so well if you didn't have it!x


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