Sunday, 28 September 2014

I missed Yarndale... so to cheer me up....

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - Dancing Groot:

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Today was Yarndale

I should have been there.
I should have been looking around Skipton. Drinking a coffee at Coopers Cafe and visiting the Studio.
I should have been giggling with my girl and eating a Chinese before settling down to Strictly and X factor.

Instead I spent the morning in a walk in. Seeing a triage nurse who marked us both (princess and me) as non emergency cases.
Seeing a nurse practitioner who gave me the immortal advice of rest and keep drinking and gave S cream (sore bits and a UTI)

And I spent the afternoon asleep through the end of Order of the Phoenix and the start of Half Blood Prince.

Bad timing? You betcha. Post plenty of pictures for me please Yarndalers. I can't even get to my computer, it's in use by a brave but itching princess.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Yarndale Shout Out; Pass it On!


If you are a blogger and going to Yarndale on the Saturday this year, why not come to the main entrance at 1pm and meet even more bloggers. I know Plain Jane will be there and Hookin a Yarn; anybody else around for a chinwag? If you're not going yourself but you know someone else who is, please pass on this message. There are lots of bloggers going, it would be brilliant to get as many as possible together in one place! 

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Winter is coming....

I'm reading; I have set myself a challenge. To read as many of the Game of Thrones series as I can be bothered to get through. I'm not sure how many there are, or how long (I'm a Kindle reader; I can't tell if it's a novella or a doorstop, just that I'm 25% through and so far that's OK) so that sounds like a challenge to follow on a dark, dark night!

So, Winter is Coming and I'm away with the Starks and the Lannisters and  wondering how far I will go...

This fantastic city is in Game of Thrones.... yes, it is. There is no way this is mushrooms growing in MY lawn! No, stop laughing there. Really, now, stop... stop it, I tell you....!!!

And Winter is Coming anyway. It's so definitely Autumn now, with the breezes rustling steadily yellowing leaves and red berries shaking as birds try to pull them off. I like Autumn. No, scrap that, I LOVE Autumn. The nights are drawing in, the season of serious festivals is upon us, the TV gets substantially better and better (Downton? Strictly? GBBO? And a box set of Breaking Bad to work through? I need never leave my couch again) and I can settle down to some serious crafting as I work my way through a longer list of presents than usual (economy drive; I am using what I have in the house) to get ready for C..... Ch... oh, blow it, Christmas.

There, I've said it. Don't care. I'm a Christmas Fairy and I love Christmas. And I'm a crafter so there will be a LOT of Christmas crafting happening around here. Starting with today's project. It's taking a long time, but I am making trees for my mantelpiece.

The plan is to make a small forest (three trees is a forest, right?) in red, cream and bottle green, decorated with buttons and in tuna tin bases filled with a pot of Polyfilla that I once bought and never used. At the moment I have one tree carcass looking like this;

and in need of some stuffing (is it upstairs or up in the craft attic? Can't remember!) and buttonista work. They were so quick and easy to do, I'm thinking about actually writing my first tutorial. Anybody interested? Just drop me a comment below and I'll get it done in the next two weeks!

Friday, 5 September 2014

Warning; this post contains cute and cuddly animals.

The Rabbit Farm at Llanystumdwy (and how I wish I'd cut and pasted that name!) is one of our favourite places to visit in Wales. It is the happy result of having a daughter who likes cute and cuddly. 

 Fortunately the farm has lots of animals, and 50p bags of feed to entice them nearby. I loved the alpacas, especially this happy looking one! They'd obviously just had a decent haircut and all I could think was "who gets the fleece?"
 The farm has the cutest collection of puppies. This little one was in a basket of month old puppies who couldn't be handled,
but the older puppies are ready to hold and really used to being handled by any and all.

although by this age you can see the puppy is really more of a toddler than a baby, ready to go and explore (and chew) everything he can!

Of course, it's a rabbit farm so there is a whole little barn full of rabbits and guinea pigs. Ideal spot for a rabbit loving little girl so we held a couple of rabbits each; the Princess really loved them; she held them gently and stroked them softly.

 I loved this Bright Eyes bunny. He was so alert, ears up and sniffing. Until I took hold and got him relaxed enough to sleep, or at least nap a little. Do bunnies purr?

 And before you think only small children and girls can lose their head over cute and cuddly, here's DP with the bunny and the pony (who kicks the fence to ask for food)
 He turned 16 in February, and did well with his GCSEs so 6th form has begun.

 I talked to the owners, who said that a group from Walsall near Birmingham had visited earlier in the year and said they had NEVER seen the sea OR held a rabbit OR seen a sheep. You can take things too much for granted.

I promised to do a post on them. They were really friendly and, at £20 for a family of five (no little children getting in free with us!) not too bad value. They haven't put the prices up for 3 years, and the workers are mostly family.

And to finish a final picture of something cute and furry. And the bunny is beautiful too!

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Whistler's best mate's house.

There are two painters called Whistler, you know. James Whistler painted nocturnes

Whistler Selbstporträt.jpg
and symphonies in grey and white and also, famously, his mother

although he called her an arrangement in grey and black. I think she might have burned his tea that night.
The other Whistler was Rex, although his real name was Reginald. He died in the second World War but only after he had managed to have a torrid affair with a Marquess and decorated her house. I'd read about the house and been there once years ago but this year decided to revisit.

The house is Plas Newydd, a National Trust property which is set out to look as if there were a weekend party of the 30's in place. It just looked like something out of Agatha Christie, on the website at least. I don't know what it looks like inside. It's closed on a Thursday. Ho hum.

But it is a beautiful place even so. The gardens are Italianate, which means a lot of terraces and steps here there and everywhere. And everybody knows that steps must be climbed.

There are cannons facing across the Menai, and woods to walk in. Local schools and organisations had decorated red squirrels to celebrate the recovery of their numbers; a lot of these are every colour but red!

Places to sit; an absolute necessity. There is a cafe but we were there at lunch time and finished by mid afternoon. We set off back for an afternoon on the beach.

We didn't see any Whistlers, but we did see a real life Monet.... Waterlilies!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

This may be my favourite holiday home ever.

It belongs to a relative, who lends it to us almost every year. I think we miss the odd year when we are too busy or the place is booked out by her children and other relatives. It's in Nefyn, a small village on the Llyn penninsula.

 This is the view from the upstairs living room. The far mountain is called Eiffl.

 The whole holiday screamed out for excessive use of the panorama feature on my camera. The large upstairs window just shows sea and scenery whatever time of day you look.

 And sunsets that lit up the sky. This was golden, but in different weather you get grey, red or deep purple. A ripple blanket in the making; I think I found next years project; my sunset stripe blanket. I'm putting it into print now so officially I have had the concept and made it public! Purple, lilac, orange, blue, dusky blue, grey, yellow and ... oh, well, whatever colours I like. To start in January when the golden blaze of a summer sunset will cheer me up.

 The rabbits live in the garden and hop beneath the kitchen window. Rabbits were a popular feature this year.

 Nefyn beach. Other years we walked down, but this year we drove because of my bad knee. This counted as a good weather day on the beach this year.

The other side of the penninsula has Criccieth, a lovely seaside town with a very pebbly beach and one of Edward I's many castles. We have visited the castle before, but not this year.

 See the sunshine in their eyes? I faced them this way on purpose just to point it out!

 Another panorama, of Criccieth this time. From mountains to Castle in one easy manoeuvre!

 And the highlight of Criccieth is Cadwalladers. Best ice cream in North Wales. Ever. Seriously, that's an ice cream shop with a queue outside. their coffee and walnut was to die for (literally, if you have a nut allergy)

 Just another beach shot. I loved the railings and the shadows with the empty beach behind.

We visited several places, but they actually probably deserve another post. So please return for Plas Newydd

and the Rabbit Farm at Llan... Llan... Llan..... oh blow it. The place where Lloyd George came from.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

I never told you about my holidays...

I never picniced at Thor's Stone
I never took my children to find a geocache
I never even got to sit out that much.

Where did the summer holidays go? Hey, I want them back!!

DP started 6th form today and it was a revelation as to how hopelessly organised he is. *hangs head in shame* He doesn't handle change and challenge well, so the next few days will be a matter of gently pushing him to get organised, find out who is in his group and grow up, just a little. JW just strolled into Year 9 while the Princess goes back tomorrow. But I still want to be free.

I had a lovely holiday this year, I will post about it tomorrow. We had such a relaxing time, I need to record it for posterity, since this blog acts as a kind of diary for me.