It's coming..... No, not Winter.....


And it will be fun.

Can you tell what it's going to be yet? By next week (or the week after) I should be ready for a Ta Dah!!


  1. Oh a little Christmas wreath?
    Lisa x

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I look forward to actually finishing the thing!

  3. Well, well, well Madam we meet again over snail mail! How lovely to have you as my Christmas card partner. Do drop me a wee comment or email me and we can get the ball rolling.

    Ps Cant wait for your ta dah moment as it looks like you have been busy.

    1. Am busy fitting in the card writing and posting to my Christmas schedule as we speak x

  4. Hi Angel, I am here to first thank you for your comment on my blog, and to also let you know that I'm super excited to be one of your Christmas card partners :) You can email me back at and we'll get it all started :)

    Hope you're having a fabulous week. xoxo

    1. Roger will send an email as soon as....
      Week so far is busy but good. 30 days to go!

  5. Christmas is definitely on the way, December tomorrow, I can't wait. Still got a million and one things to do though.


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