Crochet Christmas Tree Crap instructions. With mega apologies.

This is my first attempt, and possibly my last, at writing a pattern. Surprisingly (or not) I actually found myself wishing I could do this as a chart. Perhaps I really do think better in chart form sometimes. Do your best.


Terms used are English crochet;Ch= chainTr= treble crochet (yarn round hook, hook in, wrap yarn round, pull through, yarn round, pull through first two loops, yarn round, pull through next two loops. One loop on needle.)Sl=slip stitch (hook through, yarn round pull through work and loop on needle at the same time)Dc= double crochet (hook through top stitches, yarn round, pull through, yarn round and pull through two loops on needle. One loop left on needle) Materials required for each tree;

DK wool. It doesn’t take 100g, so use your stash up.
Appropriate sized needle. Tension doesn’t matter here, so do what suits
30cm length of dowelling. I used 1cm diameter and 2.5 cm diameter
Buttons. It’s a great way to use up a button surplus
Ricrac. I used 1cm wide, but whatever is good. Or use braid, or thin ribbon. Be creative! Actually even using a single length of chain stitch is pretty.
Small amount of toy stuffing

A stand. I used grouting in a tuna tin, but a crafty person could drill a hole in a circle of wood cut to a good size, or a teacup, a glass, or push the end into clay or playdough. Whatever suits.

 1. Chain 4 (last 3 form 1st tr) 

2.Tr into the first chain. 2 stitches.


4. Ch 3. Tr into base of chain stitch. Tr twice into 2nd stitch. 4 stitches in total.


5. (and 6) Increasing at each end of the row and straight treble stitches across, crochet the next row. 6 stitches.

7. Continue increasing at each end and straight treble stitches across for a total of 10 rows. You will have 20 stitches running across.

8. Sl 5 across to form tree shaping edge


9. Ch 3. Tr into base of chain, tr 8, 2 tr into next stitch. Turn, Ch 3, treble to last stitch, 2 treble into last stitch.

10. (and 11) You can see the pattern starts again. Crochet another 9 rows to make the second tier of the tree. (the photo in 11 shows what you’re looking to achieve)

12. sl 5, ch 3, tr into base of chain, tr across to 6 stitches from the end. Tr twice into the next stitch.

13. Keep increasing at either end of the rows. Crochet another 10 rows until you have a Christmas tree shape. Repeat to make two identical shapes.

14. Using double crochet, join the two pieces together with either the same or a contrasting shade of wool. Start this at the base, obviously. I tried to start on one side of the opening and finish by crocheting on the back side of the tree.

15. At the outer points, dc 3  to make a turn.  Leave a 2 to 3 cm gap in the base.

16. Stuff, place a dowel in the middle, decorate. 

Yes, I know these are crap instructions. I trust you to not be thick and to do what works for you. Hey, I don’t use many patterns and those I do get fiddled with. I’m never going to make mega bucks showing you how to do something. Be brave, it’s a tree not rocket science. Has it worked? Well done, go put it on your table and smile. Has it gone wrong? Pick it to pieces and begin again. Try again. Think it through. And if you’re still reading, thank you for your patience. To alter the size, basically cut off rows in your head. I made my cream tree using 8 as my base. In other words, crochet 8 rows, slip stitch in 4 stitches, crochet 8, slip stitch in 4, crochet 8. I’m guessing that you could do a 6-4 tree or a 4-2 tree, but that would be so dinky. I might try that during Strictly tonight. 


  1. Well I think that you did really well!!! I don't want you to think I don't like your bases, but... you could, if you wanted make some little tiny tree skirts for them if you aren't that keen on the tins, from what you said I got the feeling that you might not be, but please please ignore me if I am wrong! I do love these trees!! xx

    1. I actually like the top of the bases; it looks a lot like snow! I'm not sure about the aesthetic of the plain tins. I might just put a line of gingham ribbon around, or crochet a cover for the tins `a la Attic 24. It depends on the time I have.

    2. Oops! I meant to say thank you for the compliment as well x


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