Linky Dream Stationery Box

It comes wrapped up in gift wrap, with items nestled amongst tissue paper and covered in confetti.
You unwrap it slowly, piece by piece if you are alone.
But if your daughter is there you fight to slow her down as she asks, "What next? What next?"

It's like a dear friend has chosen items just for you and had a lot of fun wrapping them and sending them to brighten your day.

And the best thing? You could be Billy No Mates and  send this to yourself. Brilliant.

The Linky stationery box is available to order here. It costs £15 for the monthly box, but you can order one or more and don't need to subscribe for a fixed period. You have to choose the size of Filofax you use, and suggest some of your favourite hobbies. I really enjoyed opening it, and have placed an order for a September box which I selfishly hope arrives when the Princess is out.


  1. Lol I know how you feel, my girls jump on mine when it arrives too! I see we have matching pick notebooks now as well ;)

    1. *pink* not pick! Darn small phone screen! >.<

    2. I always blame my small screen for typos, when it's probably more likely chunky fingers and pressing send too quickly!
      I can't decide what to use my notebook for yet, but I'm working on setting up housekeeping routines so, boringly, I might use it for that!

  2. That looks fabulous, my kind of treat. I do love stationery.

    1. I'm a sucker for it. There is something so appealing about a new notebook, or an unsullied sheet of stickers. To find a place that sends out a monthly treat was such a treat for me! I might not get one every month, but when I need or deserve a small something, this is at least healthier than chocolate or wine!

  3. I am so pleased you loved it ❤️


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