Sometimes the best things happen in Liverpool...

It's easy to forget that not everything really good happens in London; this weekend Liverpool has been alive with people and happiness because the Giants are back.
It's about 2 years since they last came, with the Little Girl and her Dog chasing after her Uncle the diver. This time, the Little Girl was back and so too was Xolo, the dog, but this time she brought her Grandma.
We went today and waited to see them, planning our routes so that we could see both of them.

My beautiful family... yes, I am the one in plain red.
The streets were heaving with people and noise, the cars had left the city for the afternoon and for a few brief hours there was a lot of waiting (a lot) while people filed past; police, stewards, the press...

Xolo can move  very fast indeed!
And in the end there were the puppets. Massive, fantastic puppets operated by velvet-coated servants who sprang and bounced to make these puppets live. Xolo, bouncy and full of life. He raced past as fast as he could when the street was clear, stopping to smell and sometimes to catch a drink of water.

The Girl, looking from side to side, moving gracefully as the red monkeys around her worked hard. She is my favourite of them I think, she looks so like a doll I had when I was little.

And Grandma, tired after a day around the city, sat in her wheelchair and sharing her knee with a tired operator.

Bravo, Jean-Luc (he's the man in the pink jacket) another brilliant event.
I love my city.


  1. It looks like fun! I like the puppets. It kind of reminds me of an event they have here in New Mexico called Zozobra, where they have a big puppet in a parade.

    1. Old Man Gloom! What a cool idea! In Lewes in Sussex they burn a large effigy of whomever gets picked that year to celebrate November 5th and the Gunpowder plot, but I love the Zozobra idea of burning all your worries and troubles away! I did this the other year with all my out of date bank papers and bills!

    2. And I wonder if the creators of Glee come from New Mexico, since I see that the name of the guy who came up with the idea was Will Shuster, like the teacher in Glee!

  2. Wow, they're huge. I've never heard of these puppets before, is this a Liverpool only event? Xolo is my favourite.

    1. I think Liverpool is the English city who has got them in most; I don't know if anywhere else has? The theatre company is called Royal De Luxe and based in Nantes in France. The Giants are due to appear somewhere in Ireland later this year.

  3. Can't believe it was two years ago I read those posts!
    Wonderful to have such a fantastic art event right on your doorstep.
    Lisa x

    1. Fantastic to have had the puppets twice! And the crowds this time were enormous, just because the people had spread the news about how good the Titanic story had been and made others desperate to see them!

  4. Yes we were yes, we were just around the corner from you! Weren't they brill! I loved the whole day although I was getting a tad cold while waiting for them to arrive! Xxx


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