A real basket case.

OK, admit it, who hasn't lusted after one of these?

Or these?

But £30 for a basket, even a lined one, is too much. I love the style of Cath Kidston but I hate the prices so I try and adapt as much as possible.

I went thrifting on Friday and found this in the local Barnardo's. It was 3.99 and in top condition, but the lining was light and cream, not my style at all. But that never puts one off, does it?

It came home with me, of course, and I set off making it a basket fit for a really well planned holiday in Paris (shortly to be experienced)

The lining material is Michael Miller's Eiffel Tower in red. I couldn't resist it.

 The old lining became the pattern, cutting and sewing was a cinch and the hardest part was sewing the lining to the basket.

I was afraid I'd need a thimble but my long needle worked well enough without. I had 90 minutes and it took me 100.
By the time I had picked up the kids I just whipped the last part of the lining to the basket and sat down. I love it. It just holds enough and, since I am going to keep my money in a cross-the-body bag the fact that it is open isn't a big issue. My sunglasses, my camera, a bottle of water, the smallest cutest brolly in case and my Kindle. Enough to keep me happy for the weekend and beyond.

Now I have another inherited basket bag to line for my daughter. She, too, needs a chic bag for our continental jaunt.


  1. Oh you clever thing you!
    It looks fab. Love the fabric too, perfect.
    Lisa x

  2. It looks great - and so satisfying to do it economically. I have always found the sewing in of the lining the tricky bit - like hatbands - and it does make you think about the poor people who do them for a living ...

    Pomona x

  3. You're brilliant -- that's adorable! I love the super cute lining you chose too!


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