Getting closer...

How the study looks now....

I've moved in my pens and some books

Where these baskets are full of rubbish and books  now,
the plan is to fill them with material in a couple of weeks

There should be a bit of space available.

Sewing shelf, see the Cath Kidston box?
And the Aldi coffee jars underneath?

And the computer is still here      :o(

This tote carries most tools for papercrafts.

I'm pleased with the colour, it's not too dark or light. I had to keep the dark furniture (Billy bookcases from Ikea) but I lined the back with a roll of wallpaper. My 'stuff' is travelling in slowly. I can have 2 or 3 of the filing cabinet drawers and baskets to store material so I should fit quite a bit in. And I want to replace the plastic boxes that things like paints etc are in for baskets or tins, but that's an on-going project.But, for now and considering it's half term, I'm happy. I have a knitting project on the go, a crochet project lined up after that and a challenge to knit or sew a present for everyone in the family for Christmas. Yeah, right.


  1. Nearly there!! Keep going! You've enough time to create a handmade pressie! It's only June! You're inspiring me now- although not all my family would thank me for a handcrafted creation! ( that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!) love the idea of wallpaper backed shelves. Even the furniture gets a Jo touch!!! x


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