Can I digitise my children?

Or is there a law against it?
Ever since Willy Wonka miniaturized Mike Teevee the race to make children minimal has been on. My life has gone digital in so many ways, from the music player I use to the masses of digital photos that I take and still the quest goes on. Since I read about the new minimalists I have a hankering to be able to fit most of my possessions onto a laptop. A posh one, of course.
And the only thing that stops me is these three.

Do I save them as a Jpeg or an MP3 file? Decisions, decisions......


  1. Ah bless them! I would recommend something with a pause and mute button for when you just need a bit of quiet! You've got me thinking now!
    Lisa x

  2. That's a lovely photograph! Full of happy!!

  3. Great post - d'you think if we digitise our children, the mess in their bedrooms becomes digital as well? If only! Thanks for your comments on my blog, and nice to 'meet' you too. I have read through a few of your posts both here and on your book blog (great idea - love it!), and have subscribed to both, so see you again soon! Caroline x


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