What would you least like your child to do on the first night of the Holiday?

How about break her arm and need it in plaster for ...... six weeks? Yip, that's right, the whole holidays. Call it divine retribution for attending the HP launch party if you like (If you're that way inclined) but my daughter has indeed managed to get herself a greenstick fracture of the radius that means I can spend my hols looking after a plaster. You know, don't get it wet, don't get sand in it, don't let her stick anything down it...

I mean, you cannot be serious. I can barely look after myself & three kids let alone a plaster cast that can't even recognise its own name! It's better than a puppy, but only just.

There are advantages, though (Pollyanna, again) My Princess and I have spent more time together but unfortunately in hospital this week than for a while before. I have finally seen inside an X ray room, twice (boring) and in an effort to make her less completely freaked by this heavy & horrible plaster that someone slapped on her on Saturday (he was a really nice guy, but no little girl imagines something wet, white and slimy on her right hand. That's an adolescent dream, surely?) we had to get a doll that we may/may not care about and slap a plaster on her. Little Sarah (poor doll) has a broken arm and a broken leg, is dosed up on calpol, calprofen and ex-lax (it was the only empty medicine box I would trust the Princess with) and needed a full wardrobe including matching jimjams before she was allowed to accompany us to the hospital on Tuesday (for a replacement back slab after the Princess fell into the deepest & dirtiest puddle I have ever seen at a party on Monday) and then came with us on Thursday for the proper plastering, fortunately light weight but unfortunately not the lovely pink dream I had been hoping for.

The Princess is unfussed by this, has learnt to sleep carefully, has lost her swelling & most of the pain and now uses her hand just as per usual. I did keep her off the climbing frame at the playground, but otherwise it's business as usual. That is, until we go to Wales.

Wales is a seaside holiday.

We swim in the water.

We build sandcastles.

We climb on historic and probably irreplaceable castle walls.

We don't usually have a plaster to consider.

Fortunately, the hospital deal with lots of people like us. One quick web visit and we were sorted with a Limbo, a waterproof plastic cover that is a lot classier than the plastic bag and sellotape I had been envisioning. It cost about £8.00 but if it means that the beach is back on track and swimming not an impossibility, then it will be worth it. In the mean time, this weekend it must be Daddy's turn to watch the arm...... no, hang on, he was watching her last Friday when it happened.... oh, blow, perhaps I'll just keep an eye on her, too. Honey? Honey? Don't let her play with the play dough..... you know she loves sticking it in small places.. no, not the water slide... wait let me........

See you all next week. I'm the grey haired lady who twitches when somebody mentions water. Wonder if I'll feel better after a bottle of wine....
Also apologies to everyone out there.... I want to comment on so many posts but my machine is playing silly buggers....


  1. Oh, poor thing. You're very funny in your descriptions though. And too cute to have a matching dolly! Also had a good chuckle at Liverpool having an 800th b-day (but didn't put this comment on that post 'cause I'm already PIF'd) -- 800 is SO many years -- I think my city is barely 200 years!

  2. Oh NO! Poor baby - and poor you. That sounds like a complete nightmare. Hope she gets better soon ...

  3. Oh no, isn't that typical! Poor thing, still she seems to be coping well with it.
    Have a nice holiday. It looks like the weather isn't going to be too bad (at last!)

  4. Noooo - this is one of my nightmare scenarios - not a broken limb, but one broken at the start of the holiday.

    At least it was on Daddy's watch eh?!

  5. oh bless her!!!! poor little sausage I'm sure she'll be as right as rain in no time

  6. poor little thing ! just when she was off school...
    get well wishes to her along with a big hug from France
    mine had one of her shoulder broken a couple of years ago... (poney riding)
    hi gain - yep i was wondering but it's nice to hear from you again !

  7. Oh my goodness. Bless her for still being able to have such a lovely smile when I am sure that her arm hurts. Send her all the love in the world and wish her a speedy and complete recovery.

    Cherry xx

  8. Oh poor thing, 6 weeks! I broke my arm as a child but I only had the plaster on for 3 weeks, it seemed like forever. Sounds like you'll be trying to keep her mind off the fact she has plaster on her, maybe not so much time for reading? :(
    Keep smiling both of you.


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