(Don't speak too loudly.....)

(But it's actually sunny here today)
We have a birthday party here for JW tomorrow..... 7 seven year olds and I need an even break...... some sunshine & the ability to go outside to play would be ideal... failing that, a trained children's entertainer....
We are entering the misty zone known as School Holidays the day after..... blogging will be a little known thing, I expect, and very much bottom of my to do pile; days out, t shirts to decorate, two glorious weeks in Wales and Cheltenham, a house to tidy with my little helpers and a host of friends to catch up with in the real world; I will try and post when I can and of course, try and grab some time to keep up with my virtual friends, but if I am an even rarer person than now, I apologise. Six glorious weeks!

PS; Harry Potter tomorrow night; I will be at Borders from 7 til 10 with three very excited children & a fazed father. He doesn't get the lure of Potter, but I love him anyway. And the new book? Well, I think I get to go back for midnight especially to collect our pre-ordered copy; greater love has no Mummy than this; that she is prepared to enter the scrum for her children. Good luck to any other Potterites out there; when will you read yours? And do you read the last page first just in case you get run over by a juggernaut?


  1. Oh its all mental here - I'm stuck at work because of a bomb scare.... (not nice)

    Daddykins and I shall be there at midnight (he shall be wearing his Quidditch Jumper) ready to get our sticky mitts on the new potter! So excited!!!!!

  2. I wish you luck for the birthday party - hope the weather holds for you. Good luck also with the school holidays - we are into our second week here and it's not too bad so far, although the weather again could be a lot better!

    We went to see the new HP film yesterday morning and it was great - everyone enjoyed it! I'm opting out of the midnight scrum for the new book and am expecting it from Amazon on the Saturday morning - who will reach the postman first I wonder??????

  3. Hope the birthday party goes well - make sure you have a glass of wine ready for when you've waved farewell to the last litte reveller!

    Father and son are off to Waterstone's for the midnight collection - I'll be at home enjoying a Potter free evening. I have been eating, sleeping, breathing Potter for umpteen weeks now as I work at the aforementioned bookshop.

  4. Ooh, where in Wales will you be visiting? You might be near me!

  5. I never go to the last page of a book !!! I often have a 'ocd' urge too, but I control myself ! - love Julia x

  6. I often have the urge to go to the back page, but I control myself however hard !

  7. We will be at our local Borders, too, partying and having a grand time at their "Hogwarts Ball". Not sure if we'll dress for it...
    The store starts handing out wristbands for the pre-orders at 9AM on Friday and I hope to be there early to get mine and then come back later with my two eldest kids for the party. The oldest (13) will take the book immediately and start reading. I'm sure he'll stay up all night to finish it, and then it will be my turn. I hardly ever read the ending first, but with this book it will be tough not to!

  8. Hi
    The weather is fab today so hope the birthday goes without any problems. I have 2 James Pattersons to read while the rest of the family are Harry Pottering !!

  9. Hoping for a lie on Sunday morning to start mine (doubt it will happen though). Never read the last page of HP! Enjoy your holidays.

  10. Hope the party was a success and you survived with your sanity intact! It was scorchio here, hope it was with you too.

    I am relying on Mr Amazon to send me HP - I wasn't going to but in the end I decided it was the easiest option as we have an insane weekend of ballet shows and family visits coming up ...

  11. I will be reading the end before I even start the book - terrible aren't I but I jsut want to know.

  12. I am also waiting for a delivery from Mr Amazon, and I will definitely be reading the end first!! Have fun tonight!!


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