Wednesday Wind Up; Work, hygge and whatever

Oh my Gosh! It feels like I haven't posted a wind up for ages! My little City Cottage is in need of an Autumn tidy up and a clear out of ideas and attitudes. After all, this is where my friends are, not my followers. Here's my wind up;

What am I reading this week?
I'm reading every hygge book going; I have about 7 so far and another one on order for the end of October. The more I read, the more I like and the more convinced I am that hygge is what we do naturally; that all I need to do as a Hygge Ambassador is send people your way; all the homemaking, caring, crafting, living that you do and share on the interweb; that's hygge.

Apart from a mass of Hygge books, I read This House is Haunted by John Boyne. It's a good old-fashioned ghost story in the tradition of Susan Hill's The Woman in Black or Henry James' Turn of the Screw. Eliza Caine loses her Father and takes a job on impulse at a deserted house in Norfolk. You could have told her it wasn't going to end well when the old governess turns out to have been the one who placed the advert, but still Eliza stays.
I found the story fast, paced well, and  designed to give you chills up the back of your neck. I think it suffered from comparison to The Woman in Black and Turn of the Screw, but I think if it were the first of this kind you met, it would be a very good introduction. I've recommended it to my horror loving daughter as a spine tingler.

What have I watched this week?
TV hygge at this time of year is very good! We've watched more as a family the past few weeks than for ages before. Top programmes are Strictly, Poldark, Victoria and GBBO.
Bake Off is still a favourite, mostly because Sarah is still happy to bake a cake for every episode, even if she doesn't actually eat the blooming thing! I think tonight it might be my turn to make brownies or a sticky ginger cake. I can't believe we're on the semi-finals already! It's only just started...

Where have I been this week?
I have spent more time than I care to say this week and last at the Vets. Our guinea pigs caught colds. Pneumonia, actually, so we've been back and forth chasing the right antibiotics that will get rid of the bug once and for all. I've moved their cage into the centre of the house and away from any drafts, stopped lighting my beloved hygge candles for a while and I just keep hoping we get the blighters better. This is Olga, the main sickie Nickie.

How has my spending gone this week?
It would be better without having to pay the vet. And I'm beginning to make sure that the things I need for Christmas are ordered and in, so..... no, not well. I'm looking into hiring the children out as slaves and creaming the profits off them. The children say I do this already, so what's different?

What are my WIPs this week?
I am still crocheting a mermaid's tail for the daughter. I had a sore hand a few weeks ago and I haven't quite got back onto the crochet train yet. I am half way down the straight crochet bit, using two strands of double knitting and a 6 hook. The two strands let me mix and blend the colours, so it does give a beautiful effect. I need to move this further up my To Do list and GET IT DONE. Jill at Emerald Cottage posted about her finished one and I really want to get it done before Winter comes in. Here's as far as I've got;

Any Other Business?
I am nearly shopped up for the Twelve Days of Christmas swap organised by Jo of Through The Keyhole. Only a couple of bits left to get..

And I am still a mad hygge-fiend. Since last we spoke (last week) I have been busy on Twitter and Facebook about it. If you've seen or read anything about hygge you know that it's a mindset of appreciation and enjoying the little things in life. That's what I learned a lot from blogging; to look at and appreciate things more. There are a lot of lovely people out there hyggering away, and I'm enjoying meeting them all, old and new. I'll post up a weekly round up of my hygge posts tomorrow...

If you're interested in hygge, then pop over to my blog, How To Hygge The British Way where I am attempting to live a year in a hyggely way. Doing Danish in Britain, sort of Danglish. Or why not become a hygge-fiend yourself; find The Hygge Nook on Facebook and you can share hyggely quotes, thoughts and ideas in a closed group that is free to join. I started it last Friday and we have 46 people already. Everyone is welcome and I never say no.


  1. Oooh, lovely, I've just requested to join the facebook group.

  2. You sound busy!!! The book sounds good,I liked Turn of The Screw. What a shame about pooor guinea pigs and the cost incurred. xx

  3. Spending just spirals at this time of year.
    Hoping all guinea pigs are better very soon.
    Lisa x


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