Film on Friday; The Holiday

Truthfully, I can watch this movie all year round. I know it's supposed to be a Christmas movie and I know I've probably written about it before on the blog, but I've never done it for Film on Friday and I needed a soft, cosy, warm, cuddling movie this week... yes, you guessed it, I was searching for movie hygge.

I can't believe that The Holiday was released in 2006! That makes it 10 years old, crazy! I do watch it every year at least once, probably more often, but it wasn't until recently that I introduced my daughter to it. She had managed to always be at school somehow when I watched it before... back in the days when I could stick a film on in the middle of the day, do my housework while watching it and be finished in time for the happy ending and cookie making before the kids rolled up. Happy days, eh?

The Holiday was written and directed by Nancy Meyers, who also directed The Intern, Something's Gotta Give and The Parent Trap.  It's a light, romantic comedy that, really, could have been set at any other time of year but has an extra eye-candy dimension because of the season.

Much has been said and much written about the interiors and settings of the film, especially Ivy's cottage, which is beautiful and heartbreakingly not real. Try these posts from Hooked on Houses for the full Holiday hit; Cameron Diaz's Californian Mansion is a beautiful building on a grand scale, but it's Jude Law's Mill House and Kate Winslett's English Cottage that give me the warm and hyggely feeling.

Plot-wise, the film is easy; two women, both weary of their singleton lives, swap houses before Christmas to find love... true love... in the other's home. I'd take Jack Black ahead of Jude Law, but with Iris' cottage.

With Jack Black's natural comedic charm and Jude doing his best 'hopeless charmer' performance (What? Did I charm my way into your knickers? I am so sorry, I was only aiming for the Scrabble game.) the male eye candy ranges from good looking to the cuddliest film star I know. Kate and Cameron play off against each other as neurotic American and English Rose. And Rufus Sewell plays the cad rather well. We watched Victoria the other night and I kept expecting him to fall back into cad mode.
Stars of the film for me are three fold. I love the girls who act as Jude Law's daughters; they're so cute! And Eli Wallach as the screenwriter from days gone by who added the 'kid' to "Here's looking at you, Kid" is a faded and charming old guy. I love how Iris is so sweet and gets herself accepted by him and his crew of reprobates. Filmatic proof that there's life in the old dog, yet!

It makes for ideal ironing, or present wrapping. My last viewing was actually sans vision, as Sarah watched it on the way back from Yarndale. I could probably act in it, it is that much a favourite, but I think it stands up to repeated comfort watching. Surely, like warm blankets, fluffy socks and hot cocoa, there are hyggely movies that just make you relax? Highly recommended as a stress reliever!


  1. I've only seen The Holiday once and I haven't been in a rush to watch it again. It's one of those, for me, that I'd probably watch if it were on but I wouldn't go out of my way for it. Or perhaps I just wasn't feeling it, maybe I do need to watch it again to see if I connect the second time round. I know so many people love it.

  2. I'm not really a rom com kind of girl, give me a heart stopping thriller over romance any day. I do like a feel good movie in the run up to Christmas though, something to watch during the present wrapping, my favourite has to be 'Its a wonderful life' xx

  3. I know what I am going to be watching 'again' tonight thanks. I love the Kate Winslett Eli Wallach storyline the best...

  4. I've watched The Holiday a couple of times and enjoyed it. If it was on again I'd definitely sit though it again. Me and Amy watched Sliding Doors a couple of weeks ago. That film was released in 1998!!! How is that possible.

    I watched Bridge of Spies with Mark last week and really enjoyed it. Another one here who was fascinated by the facts at the end. xx

  5. It's one I'm sure I would love, but my husband would not. Will have to watch it on my own sometime.

  6. Oh yes I do love this movie. I'm not over fussed by either male character in it, it's the whole package that does it really. And yes I was disappointed when I found of that the interior wasn't real!
    Lisa x


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