Thank you for my RAK!

This post goes out to Crafty Northerner who has sent me a care package, a most beautifully wrapped and delivered little parcel of joy.

Thank you, most beautiful lady, for this act of kindness!

I love the knitted.... strip. I think it might be supposed to be a bookmark? But I'm going to sew up the two sides and make a usefully sized holder for some more stuff in my bag.

I love the polka dot badge. I have a bag already marked out to carry this symbol of friendship.
And the pink socks with blue hearts are very cute. I think a certain daughter already has her eyes on them so they may not last long in my ownership!!

But cutest of all are the stickers, with the woodland creatures. I have pages ready for these in my planner already! And finally the yellow striped straws, proper paper straws. I am going to break these open on Thursday 22nd July when I am at last and OFFICIALLY on holiday!!!

Layout 1

Thank you so much Sally, I am so blessed to have friends in the blogosphere. Your RAK is very much appreciated!

If you would like to receive a RAK, love passed on around the world, please leave a comment below and I will pick 2 names at random to delight with a parcel of care at an unspecified time and date!!!


  1. That's a lovely gift, and even nicer because it's a surprise. Definitely the best sort of parcel! xx

  2. You are very welcome. I loved putting the parcel together for you. I am so into paper straws at the moment so wanted to share the love. You can't beat happy mail if you ask me.

    PS It was a bookmark but handy knitted strip works just as well :-)

  3. What a lovely surprise, I got one too and will be blogging about it soon.

  4. How marvellous. What a kind and generous person Sally is.
    I like the thought of saving the straws for that special start the hols occasion.
    Lisa x

  5. What a lovely idea, those straws are ace, they'd make a bottle of prosecco go a long way :-) xx


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