Wednesday Wind Up

On a Wednesday, for once and without a gap in between!

What am I reading this week?
I am reading something that isn't Poldark!!! I'm reading Hip Tranquil Chick and contemplating taking up Yoga. Slow yoga, cool yoga, sit in a space and stretch greatly yoga. Not Hot Yoga or Bithram Yoga which seems more like keep fit than yoga. I found Kimberly's site, I'm reading her book but I won't be getting hooked on pink any time soon.

Fiction-wise  I am going to start this book tonight; The Book of You by Claire Kendal.  A psychological thriller perfect for fans of Gone Girl and Before I go to Sleep. That's what the Amazon page says. Well, since I liked both of those, I'm prepared to give this one a go. I shall share results with you next week!

What have I watched this week?
Paddington... again! I needed a film that felt like a warm hug, and Paddington it was. I am still lusting after the house.

Image result for paddington the film house
 I never thought my house needed blossoms up the stairwell.... until now.

Or that blue, yellow and red could work so well in a kitchen. I love the old fashioned kitchen cupboard, the shelf of pans above the cooker and the large family eating table.

Where have I been this week?
 Since last Wednesday? Nowhere really. the weekend was a quiet affair, with a good deal of spring cleaning going on. I did go to Poundstretchers today especially to buy some Zoflora. 

I have bought the hyacinth scented Zoflora and I am going to give my kitchen floor a quick rinse with a capful of Zoflora in a bucket of warm water. It is supposed to smell heavenly. We'll see. This post is not sponsored by Zoflora, by the way, but I might have a spread bet on with my Zoflora-hating son that I can't mention Zoflora more than 5 times in a single post about something that's not specifically Zoflora. I'm not going to count the Zofloras, by the way, but I think I've beaten the challenge.

How has my spending gone this week?
Very well. It's back to school, so as long as I stay off Amazon and Ebay I don't spend a lot. I had to buy a new blusher to replace my completely used up one, and a new magazine arrived for me this week, but aside from that I have tried hard.

What are my WIPs this week?
I passed by our local Barnardo's this week and found this in a small corner, for the ghastly price of £1.49. I considered bargaining to save a little more, but reminded myself that it was in aid of charity after all. So I paid over my money and was about to leave, when the lady called me back and gave me the tapestry frame that had been passed in with it as well. So my WIP this week is a Tree Of Life. Mine looks like this;

I started it on Monday at Craft and Chatter and it is a very therapeutic thing to do. It will be lovely when it is finished. I know, because I did this very same pattern 22 years ago and gave it away. This one is all mine.

Any Other Business?
Yes. Brocante Home is sorted out. Alison has finally made contact with those who have ordered the download off her and apologized. She is struck down by grief for her Mum and the condition that she herself has. She is taking time off to let herself have some space, to think through what she wants to do and to plan for the future. It must be hard to have been a blogger who relies on the site and the downloads for an income. Things have changed over the 8 years I have been blogging; there are so many more of us, the market has really opened up and the cost of many digital items is questioned by the people who buy them. A thing has to be really good value before the hard-earned spondulicks are passed over! I hope Alison finds a workable solution for her sake. And in the meantime I find that I am tidying and cleaning more for fun. I'm reading Simple Abundance, writing my own meditations and beginning again to make lists of things to love, or cherish or enjoy.


  1. That book looks good. I loved Gone Girl and Before I Go to Sleep. I'm trying to get into yoga before bedtime routine = very calming.

    1. I'll let you know about the book next week when I've read it! What yoga do you do before bed?

  2. I'm so glad that the Brocante Home issue has been sorted out. It's always worrying to have bought something which doesn't arrive. I'll wait with interest for your yoga update! xx

  3. I am glad that your problem has been resolved. Lovely to see your WIP, it is very pretty!! xx

    1. It's fun to do, it uses a few familiar stitches and at least 2 new ones!

  4. I love that tree of life. There's lots of stitching going on in blogland just lately, it seems to be taking over, or at least catching up, with crochet. Glad you got the problems with Brocante Home sorted out.

    1. Things go in seasons. Embroidery is something I've always done, along with tapestry and dressmaking. But I agree it is having a renaissance! Can't wait for macrame to become fashionable again, too!

  5. I completely agree about Paddington's house! There are so many film houses that I wish were MY house. (Is it too geeky to admit that when I was younger I wanted very much to live in a house with a round door like Bilbo Baggins in LOTR? Yes. Probably yes. But there it is.) Those flowers up the stairs have to be a great DIY project idea... xx

  6. BIGOS is such a good book, hope this one meets it's expectations. I love the Paddington movie so much and I totally agree about the kitchen.
    I like the new project, that will look lovely framed up and on your wall.
    So glad you have got the HR download now. I got that email too from Alison.
    Lisa x

  7. Paddington is on my list of movies to watch. Will have to be on my own though as nobody else wants to join me. The tree of life looks lovely you must be very talented to be able to do something so intricate. Regular updates requested please. xx


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