Meal Planning Monday

Ah ha! I got VERY organised and not only is all my planning done for June, but in pdf/png format as well! The M- numbers afterwards are the numbers of the recipes in my ditsy recipe file box. Some of them I need to read, others I know virtually by heart and don't actually look at much beyond a peek when I do my shopping list.

And NLFS is Nigella Lawson's Forever Summer. After her appearance on Eurovision I just had to get her book out, and see what recipes I wanted to use.


  1. Phew, that looks super organised. I don't even know what we are having for dinner tonight... I think Annie is cooking (love it when the kids cook). I hope she is. Have a great week. x

  2. Very organised. I love breakfast at night, it seems like a treat somehow.

  3. oh I need to be more organized.......

  4. I have to ask what is the poor boys sausage butty?
    Very orgainsed to do a whole month. I used to do this when the children were younger and our jobs were different.
    Every Tuesday is tuna pasta bake in our house. I work until 6.30, Graham can cook it and the children love it. Happy all round as they get something they like and I don't come home to a hideously untidy kitchen!
    Lisa x

  5. Such good planning is bound to bring about great results! You are inspiring.

  6. I manage to plan a week... I think a month might look a bit repetitive in our house! Jx

  7. Yay! Great month of food planning!!! You know that I like a monthly food list!!! It is good to have the organised feeling isn't it! xx


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