Wednesday Wind Up

Seriously, how easy is it to lose 2 weeks from your life? I feel like I've been in a cave or asleep, or just on another planet, or abducted by aliens. I wrote a blog post, turned around and... wallop... two weeks later I'm back.

And this is Wednesday Wind Up again and I can't remember whether anything of consequence has happened or have I spent the time in a work-induced coma. I will do my best.

What am I reading this week?
The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins. I've only just begun reading this. We're doing it for bookclub the month after this one; so next April, actually. It sounds quite good, I like the whole seeing something off the train/bus/rear window idea and I'm looking forward to seeing how it develops.
I'm also reading Demelza by Winston Graham. It's good fun, and quite reminding me of my (ancient) History O level, which was political history and the Georgians. I like to say I passed my O level on Georgette Heyer, but I think if I'd met these it would have been a close-run thing.

What have I watched this week?
Apart from Poldark? Well, on Sunday we watched Hidalgo together as a family. It's a good old fashioned horse chase film, about a race through the desert and a man desperate to save the wild American horses. It was good enough to keep all three of mine (who had never seen it) happy. And it had a young Viggo Mortensen in, so I wasn't complaining either.

Where have I been this week?
Sudley House Art Gallery in Mossley Hill, Liverpool. It's one of the National galleries and Museums in Liverpool, but it's such a small place. there are literally three decorated rooms downstairs, an exhibition suite upstairs and a tea room. We really went for the tea room (chocolate cake) but there are a couple of beautiful pre-raphaelite paintings that I could happily spend a few years in front of.

How has my spending gone this week?
Badly. I have a new obsession and it is fatal to my expenditure. I have no time to post at the moment (full time this week, in a Year 5 class as TA) so I will show and post at a future date.

What are my WIPs this week?
What were they last week? They're the same. I have barely time and energy to sleep, let alone create. Which is fatal, since I always feel better when I create.

Any Other Business?
Oh, yes!  Pull up a chair!
On Monday I have an interview for a job in a secondary school as a Reading Champion. I want the job only for the title, which I shall put in big letters on all my stationery. It's for promoting reading as pleasure across the whole school and the community around the school, running bookclubs, reading challenges, and promoting reading as a fun activity. It's outside my comfort zone in as much as it's in secondary school, so I'm not dead confident. But since I know my current role is coming to an end in the summer whatever, I  want to find a new role in the place where God wants me to be. If you're a praying person, please throw some up for me. I know God has the right place for me planned and ready. I just need to recognise it.
Next Wednesday I am in town for an audition for The Chase. It's a first audition, but it does mean I stand a chance of getting on one of my favourite programmes (with Pointless!)
There was a WI quiz night last Monday, so I raced to cook tea and get there because I loves me a good quiz. And loud music. And a new book. And when we got there we learned something good; the WI regional quiz we had in January had been counted, checked and worked out and.... we won!! You are now blogmates with the 2015 Lancashire Federation Regional Quiz champion. No, I can't believe it either. And I don't know whether we have to compete at a higher level as well, but I'm ready! BRING IT ON!!!


  1. Wow! So much news. First of all, congratulations on the quiz win, very well done. I do enjoy a good quiz too, even though I'm worse than useless. I like the sound of the job you're going for, I shall keep my fingers crossed for you. I think reading is seen as important in primary schools but it sort of drops off once they get to secondary school so I think this is a great idea. Neither of my two are passionate readers even though I tried to instil a love of books in them. I wish they'd had more encouragement at secondary school. How exciting, an audition for The Chase. One of my friend's mother in law has passed the audition stages for Deal or No Deal, she's just waiting for the call to appear on the show now.

    1. I love the fact that Deal or No Deal was sent up so well by the Vicar of Dibley with Jim's "no-no-no-no-n-deal"
      Thanks for the wishes of luck!

  2. Wow, congratulations on being a quiz champion! And yes, Reading Champion is indeed a superb job title. How do you find your Yr5s at work? My son was horrid in Yr5 and my daughter is currently in Yr5 (and very hard work at times). There seem to be a lot of pre teen hormones whizzing around. xx

    1. Horrid. They talk too much, act very immature and wind up the teacher. I am glad to be just the temporary TA, because they would have to change a lot to keep me there permanently.....

  3. I learnt the other day that WG also wrote Marnie as well as the Poldark books. There have only been two episodes but I think it's been cracking already. I like the sound of the gallery, a good tea room is always welcome.
    Well done on the quiz win, good luck for any feature rounds.
    Way to go with The Chase, you'll be great on it! The Beast went to the same school as Graham.
    And the job, how exciting. I bet you will be superb in the role, I hope all works out.
    I will email you directly about the Brocante download.
    Lisa x

    1. Thank you! And thanks for all the wishes of good luck. If it's meant to be.....

  4. I want to be a Reading Champion - what a great title! I've wanted to be a part of the WI since I saw Calendar Girls - congratulations on the quiz win!

    1. It would be a cool job title; especially if I got through to the Chase quiz. Imagine the quiz host's face when I said it!

  5. What a job! I would love to do that and wish I'd seen it as I'd have applied too! All the best for your interview. I know exactly what you mean by 'work-induced coma' - I seem to have been in one of those for weeks now. Roll on the holidays.


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