Six Degrees of Separation.... a MASSIVE complaint

If we truly are all separated by six degrees of separation, then somebody out there knows somebody out there who knows somebody out there who stands a chance of knowing this family.

They went to Shrewsbury Flower Show on Saturday 9th August this year. They came about 4pm and took the space in front of me that had previously been occupied by a nice family who had sat on their picnic blanket, watching the arena shoe and laughing delightedly at everything around them.
They had young children so they left for tea, I think. We were all prepared for another nice family, picnic blanket in hand to move in when.....

No!!! No, that's so not fair!!! We are seated on the ground, we are shorter by far than you with your picnic table, with your set of six chairs (only 4 were ever in use when we were there) and your own blanket on the ground where your children sat and stood and sat and stood all evening long.

Actually, I don't mind children moving or talking or having fun in front of me. That's natural, and quite cute. So the children weren't a big problem.
No, my issue is that you blocked the view for me, my children and the others sat on the ground behind you.

 That when the band started setting up for the concert, this was my view. There are pipers on this stage.
 Golly, yes, go talk to the next door person. After all, if you lean forward a little or sway then you can obscure even more of the pathetic little space you have left available to me.
 And, yes, touch your ear, stretch up tall, make yourself take up more space. There are Red Hot Chilli Pipers on this stage and people may want to watch them.

 What's that you say, readers? They didn't realise they had blocked the view? I wish! I could forgive them that. But when they arrived Mr Pink Shirt looked around and laughed at me and told me I wouldn't see past them. I would have to move, he said. Before they all settled down to an ENDLESS picnic ( much leaning forward as the show jumping happened) and much moving to find the best spot.
Actually, another few families did move out, but I am an ornery person. I don't see why I should have moved. I don't think it was my responsibility to make sure that IDIOTS didn't come in late and just plonk down their kit in an air of self deserving satisfaction at the idea that the floor bound Hoi Polloi were no longer able to see. And I'm a good complainer.
I am writing this post as a complaint to the family. I'm hoping six degrees of separation works and somebody recognises them. Pass on my complaint. Tell them that I wrote to the Horticultural society to say that this sort of thing very often happens, that it is NOT FAIR and demonstrates a lack of regard for other people and their enjoyment, that it shows that bad manners are not only evident in lower stratas of society but in affluent looking middle aged people. Just a degree of common sense and less obviously selfish behaviour by sitting BEHIND THE PEOPLE ON THE FLOOR would have made a big difference to ALL the families around there. This 2 metre space went empty because NO ONE ELSE COULD SIT THERE, 4 families moved because their view was obscured, even the little old man and little old lady who sat on their small chairs behind us couldn't see for the rude and selfish people in front.

Have you read this? Would you like to apologise? Apology accepted, but it is empty and meaningless without action. Please remember if you ever go to an event like this again, look and THINK. You didn't look thick, you didn't look like you were baby eaters or granny murderers, you looked like a family out for the evening. Just extend the courtesy of thinking of others before yourselves to the people around you. Just be kinder in future.

If you need to see more of Mrs Sway, the You Tube video of the Red Hot Chilli Pipers is here. They were really, really good, and a true live spectacle, but I could only see a small part of the stage, so they might have been really rubbish and I'd never know.


  1. How obnoxious of someone to say to you you'd have to move!
    Lisa x

    1. That was what really did me; the foreknowledge that they were deliberately mean-minded enough to block views of other people. They knew what they were doing! I posted the video and put it on my Twitter, where three of the band have favourited it. I might yet find out who these super Gods were!

  2. Such rude people. I put it down to ignorance or bad manners when things like this happen to me, but for the man to actually look and you and say you'd have to move because you wouldn't be able to see past them is just downright selfishness. It's times like this that I really hope there is such a thing as karma.

    1. Nemesis. That's the greek goddess I need, the goddess of retribution.

  3. It is one thing doing this by accident, or just not being aware, but it sounds as though they were relishing it which is not nice at all! What a shame for you and everyone else that it affected. xx

    1. I'm calm about it now, but I will be writing to the Society nearer the time to remind them.


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