I wonder how my life is spent....

And then I take a deep breath and realise that I spend a fair portion of it sat at a computer sorting it out for someone or other. 
At work, I have become the website administrator, responsible for sorting out and updating the school website. I'm chasing up statistics and policies, photos from the class face and the statutory items that need to be on a website. Fun. Oh, and I get to work with different children to get news stories (writing for a purpose) so that the site has an element of 'pupil voice'. I only have 50 minutes a week timetabled for this, so it's a tight squeeze and very often, I expect, will take some home time up as well.
At home I have my other IT hat on, as website manager and techie for Mr AJ. Business goes well, but we are slowly getting it set up and ready for a full launch shortly.
Then I get to be a blogger, and to interface with my bloggy mates on t'internet. You have probably noticed I'm absent at the mo. Sorry. I hope to get better as I learn my paid role and pretend paid role (until Mr AJ starts clearing a profit, I'm working pro bono) and not fall asleep at 10. It's 10.30 now and I'm still awake. That's a good day.
And then there are the people who ask me advice. Mum and Dad mostly. It is a rare day I don't end up with a laptop, ipad or kindle in my hands explaining what exactly we want to do. And my WI friends, who see IT as a necessary evil but not one they really seek to understand. 
Now if only I could find a way to make it pay. 


  1. It makes you wonder how we ever managed without computers, doesn't it? It feels as though I've had my left arm cut off if I'm without mine for any length of time. Glad to hear that Mr.AJ's new business has started off well.

    1. Thanks! Business goes well. Work takes up a lot of time, but the money is good. And I so know when my wifi plays up my life grinds slowly to a halt!

  2. I am in awe of your knowledge of all things IT - I am usually stumbling my way through all computer related issues and cursing my lack of knowledge, but I feel quite cut off without my laptop or phone. x


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