What a busy week!

And it won't get any easier as time goes on!!
I spent three days this week in a computer room having training for a legal software system. Of course; because I'm a qualified teacher, so it makes sense. (not)
Actually it sort of does make sense. Mr AngelJem setting up as a solo practitioner is only possible because there are case management systems out there that do away with the need for a secretary or even a load of letters posted every day. And D Day is approaching fast; like he has 3 days of employed work before we go solo.
Taking a chance like this needs everyone in the family to be supportive. This week was made possible and smooth because my parents collected and cooked for us three days in a row. It's our future, so it needs me to back him up with all the support I can. Going on the training gave me an insight into his career, which it is so easy to go through life without, and an input into the firm. I'm the IT consultant, the girl who can do. And I will enjoy it so much.
But life never stands still. And on Monday I start work proper paid work as a learning mentor part time in a nearby school, just when I needed the comfort of a regular wage and the confidence that I was making a regular and steady contribution to life. I'm not sure how much time I'll get for blogging; I have a feeling that it will be a lot more mobile blogging than time spent on the laptop, but I hope that I will sort out time management, get my house to a reasonable level, support Mr AJ and enjoy working in a school with a staffroom full of very nice people everyday.

And I must thank massively the people at Eclipse who produce Proclaim Legal Software. They had the most adorable coffee machine free for client use only that made latte, cappucino and hot chocolate. They didn't blink when the answer to "What's your background?" was "I'm an Infant Teacher" and they made training enjoyable (Thanks, Mel. I will fill in your questionnaire tomorrow)


  1. Good luck when it's all systems a go go!
    Lisa x


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