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I'm back. Thank goodness. Full time was fun (well, the pay packet was, anyway) but it is soooo time intensive. I was sad to leave but mostly because in 7 weeks the children become 'mine' and it is hard to pass them on when my instinct was to stay and teach them. But the new teacher is lovely and I wish her nothing but well. She will enjoy a lovely, bright and lively class.
And me? I'm back in my house. I'm looking forward to spending time with my cupboards and tidying before Santa delivers more stuff. The Family Room is offending me; I can't sit in it, I can't see past the piles, so next week is a clear, bin and box week. My spare time will be spent in there and, hopefully, this time next week it will be very different.


  1. Good luck with the tidy up. You've got an excuse though, I can't imagine working full time and looking after a family too.

  2. Full time and children, I take my hat off to you! Good luck with the clearing. Always a good feeling when stuff is got rid of.
    Lisa x

  3. I have to say I found December's CL a bit disappointing. Over a quarter of it at the end was adverts and offers.
    Glad my subscription is coming to an end. Never thought I would say that!
    Lisa x


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