It's beginning to dawn on me...

I only have 5 days left of work this half term.
I have enjoyed it, but it is sooooo time intensive. God knows how anybody does full time and craft and have kids. Any ideas?
I finish at this school a week on Friday, but I am at an interview Monday. Fingers crossed, it would be a longer and better job. Full time again, but nearer to home so no child care/early start issues. And I know the TAs and they are nice. Thanks for your support, the job got easier when I got ornery and decided that blow it I would do what I wanted to anyway.  5 days. Only 5 days.


  1. Good luck for the interview.
    Just spotted on your Kindle list Sister by RL, Have you read it? It was a book club book last year, loved it!
    Lisa x

  2. Good Luck with the interview it sounds a much better post. Well done for surviving and getting through!


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