Zen and the art of Sunday TV

I always had a problem with Sunday night. Perhaps it's because I know that the day after Sunday is Monday and school starts again, perhaps I really put the kybosh on it by going to college and living in just for week nights, meaning Sunday was the night that I left the bosom of my loving family for a cold and noisy student block. Even now the Howard's Way theme tune reduces me to tears. Sunday night TV was not a highlight of my viewing week.

But if anything can make me happy on Sunday it's Zen. I have really enjoyed these fast police thrillers, which are made so much more appealing by the backdrop of a glorious and eternal Rome.

 I love cities; Paris, Vienna, Rome; I'd live in any of them for a year. And Zen has been a real burst of Italian sun in the winter. With sharp suited men ogling the Italian women (we look good, we know, but we don't care and we're not stuck up so come and have a go if you think you're hard enough) and mad mad mad driving I have been reliving my week(s) spent in Rome and planning ahead. We go continental this summer, hiring a house in the suburbs of Paris for 2 weeks. Perhaps next year we could go Italian; an appartment in Rome. anyone?

And I love the idea that although they (the BBC) thought they could use English actors as Italian men, the women are all Italian actresses. It's the body shape, I think.


  1. I always associate the theme tune from "As time goes by" to Sunday evenings and it always makes me feel a little depressed!

    Blue Skies,
    Charlotte xo


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