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Last September (and probably a big reason why my blogging slowed down last year) I got a Kindle.
I resisted for a long while, watched the kinks being ironed out and which e-reader was going to be a biggy and then decided the time was right. I buy roughly a book a week, so 52 books are added to my shelves each year at least (not counting presents, kids books and books that others pass on to me) I worried that I wouldn't like it, that I'd miss page turning, the scent of a book and the tactile feel of the page.
I love it.
I don't miss any of the sensory elements of a book, because I love the interaction with the story free of any problems. I love the slight size of the machine, the sheer convenience of 3,500 books at my fingertips and the fact that at midnight I can buy a book.
I love the fact that I can read embarassing books and nobody knows because there is no cover. It has made me read so much more than I thought I would, over 50 books since September and that I have read or re-read several classics simply because they were free.
I'd love to buy a Kindle for every 8 year old preloaded with classic kids books to enjoy. The WiiBox generation would probably enjoy reading from a screen more than a book, and anything that gets kids reading must be good.


  1. It's so nice to see you back! I'm amazed at how popular the e-readers have become. The criticism seems to have fallen away as more and more people buy them. I haven't heard anyone who doesn't love them and most people are like you -- they thought they wouldn't like them. Thanks for sharing all the things you love about it!

  2. I always resisted because I couldn't face the idea of curling up in bed with a screen. Then again I am one of those people lugging around a 35m film camera still!

    Blue Skies,
    Charlotte xo


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