A Quiet Saturday....

After a busy week involving 3.5 days work and a day off with my lovely DP, I really feel like I've earned a quiet Saturday. My plan was to do the cleaning I hadn't got to in the evenings (out 3 out of 4 evenings since Monday!!!), go and watch the kids swim in their last proper swimming lesson and then go to a friends housewarming.
Ha. Fat chance.
I'm home with two thirds of the children, no house warming and half the washing done. The princess is not feeling well. She has tummy ache and is spending a lot of time rushing to the toilet. There's nothing for it. We need a little Mummy and daughter creating time, and I know just the book.

The Lina loves making, but she's still a beginner. Finding an appropriate book for her was nigh on impossible. I remember having an Usbourne How to Sew book that I read until it disintegrated and was searching for something similar for her. I think I've found it.
I got her this book last Sunday and she has been inseparable from it since. She even takes it to bed with her and today, as she lies there groaning and clutching at her tummy (memo to self; read 'The Boy who Cried Wolf' to her soon and remind her that a blood-curdling 'I'm going to be sick' cry is not necessary just for a cup of water) she has it by her.

It is a lovely starter's book, with simple things to make and do, using embroidery, knitting and sewing. They're basic stuff, yes, almost not needing instructions, really, but the photography is cupcake cute and the items are small enough to dream of doing without being too long to finish.... my daughter doesn't need to start her life with a load of UFO's hanging there.
So our Saturday is an At Home. My felt box is coming out, her cross stitch threads are in demand, and a little making will take her mind off the stomach. Bless.


  1. What a beautiful little book. I'm sorry your daughter isn't feeling well -- I hope is passes quickly. And hopefully you both got a little fun crafting in today!

  2. Aah- poor thing! Book looks good though- I'd make some of those projects myself!! Glad to have found you too!! Love the blog!

  3. I was looking at that book and wondering what it looked like inside, it looks lovely. I hope your girl keeps on crafting, mine crafts in fits and starts xxx


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