Feast or famine....

After a fruitless term spent trying to get on the books of a new supply agency and only 2.5 days supply (enough to keep the wolf from snapping, but still firmly at my door) I finally got accepted by my new agency on.... Maundy Thursday. Great. No work until after Easter, a week later than anyone else as my kids were having the 'trial' holiday of first two weeks in April whenever Easter is. This is my first week of work for them and so far they have supplied me with 2 full days and the promise of 1 more that I could have had except.... the old agency got there first. Why are supply jobs like buses? You wait ages for one and then three come along at once. I'm not complaining, just making the most of my only free morning this week. The washing is calling, but I'm slightly deaf. I'd far rather watch the debates held by the Daily Politics this week; foreign affairs and yummy! economy.

What we're desperately missing in this election is a Barak Obama. I don't think any body really 'gets' the kudos that he did.... forget whatever his policies are/were and how well the man is doing, there was a vision to his campaign that we don't have.

A new hope, a new challenge. Perhaps we desperately need a Luke Skywalker, a New Hope to bring our politics into a more democratic, more caring 21st century.

Certainly it strikes me as strange that a party can lag behind in the polls and still be projected to get the most seats. Applying that to a classroom situation, that's like saying that the kid who scores least on the test gets the award for best pupil.

I've said it before, I'll say it again. Change comes from below; we need to stand up for the country we want and to work together to make it fair. Don't ever say politics is none of your business. If this is our instrument of power then it's our job to wield it and wield it well.

I don't say vote for him, him or him. I say just vote.


  1. Thanks for your comments on my blog.
    Saw on your profile that you're from Liverpool. I used to live there and now live in Manchester (boo) but I still work in Liverpool.

    Great blog.


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