Life is about moving on...

I know this, people told me so, but I didn't realise how hard it would be. I know it's the right thing to happen, but watching my three move on is so hard.

DP has had his last day at Junior school. Seven years in the blink of an eye.

The Princess has moved on to Juniors. I have no infants, not at home, not at school. And she jumped over the rainbow as well, so next September she's a Brownie.

6 weeks of glorious (wet) summer lie ahead and nothing to do.... well, except for the park, the zoo, the woods nearby that we found last month, the borrower's houses we're planning to make, the t shirts to decorate, the sewing, knitting and embroidery.... and a week in Wales.

So, to celebrate, we spent the afternoon playing on our DS..... and I played on the computer. Chill.


  1. Time goes so quickly doesn't it. Miss Muffett will be going into year 9 in September. Year 9! And Nipper could go to school in just over a year. It feels like it won't be any time at all until I'm packing Tiddler off with his satchel! Hmmm, school holidays, lets hope we get at least some good weather or we'll be getting a bad case of cabin fever!


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