Beamish Open Air Museum

We visited Beamish in June, and what struck me once again was how much we have to learn off the olden days that we have actually forgotten. All those green things; recycling, make do and mend, make your own, grow your own that are circulating back into fashion after such a long period of excessive consumption were as natural as breathing to the people in turn of the century vilages all over the country. Why did we forget that after every boom comes an inevitable bust?

I loved the obviously homemade pan holders...

the newspaper shelf liners.....

the homemade bread (smelled gorgeous!)....

and the evidence everywhere of green values. Waste not, want not.

I could write for ages of the things I saw and felt about Beamish. But most off all I could write of the effect it has had on me since. No shopping, no new clothes (except for a pair of trousers and a silky nightie... both necessary) and more homemade food than ever.
Frugal, frugal, frugal.


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