How to spend the time when it rains.

Too much of this...

Leads to this.

We’ve been using a lot of sellotape recently. When the rain falls, making bases for spy mice from boxes seems like a good idea to 9 and 7 year olds. My 11 year old is still asleep in bed. Teenage years start early, I suppose.
The sun is shining today, but that would only make the second sunny day this holiday. We’ve got good at doing inside things... plenty of free swimming in a posh council pool, and a lot of dodging raindrops in the park.

No, wait, cancel the sun warning. It’s raining again. Great British weather.


  1. It's all over the shop isn't it! I wish it would just give us one day's worth of weather at a time rather than all at once!

    Still spy mice houses. Hmmmmm wonder where my selotape is!


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